Happy Birthday Mr. Grover Deacon Jones

Pro Baseball Lifer and Mentor

Happy Birthday Mr. Grover Deacon Jones

Happy Birthday 87th Birthday to Mr. Grover “Deacon” Jones a Pro Baseball Lifer and The Sugarland Skeeters Baseball Special Ambassador!

Today is his birthday and before I could give him a gift he surprised me with his own personalized Baseball Bobblehead.

I met him 4 years ago during Super Bowl week in Houston and he has become a great mentor in my life. He’s Old school tough and gruff with so many stories, experiences and connections!

I love to hear him tell the story of being on the road traveling from town to town and not being welcomed in the store as a black man. He made the phone to call to his Parents and after speaking with his Mom, his Father got on the call and told him not to come back home. Then his father hung the phone up! Deacon also like to say “Be a Man” and that’s his way of saying stay responsible and continue protecting and providing to those in our environment.

The next time you are in the Houston area, go out and catch a Triple A Minor League Sugarland Skeeters Baseball game and make sure to catch up with the legend, Mr. Grover “Deacon” Jones. Please let him know that a friend “me” recommended you.
Enjoy yourself Deacon!

P. Jackson “The Action Online”

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