2021 NFL Entrepreneurship and Franchising Workshop

Learning the Business of Business!

Learning the Business of Business!

I recently attended the 2021 NFL Entrepreneurship and Franchising Workshop hosted by the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and sponsored by the NFL Player Engagement Department. We enjoyed a grand experience from networking and learning from some very smart people in different industries and organizations.

Great discussion from the panelists and business owners that took time out to discuss their business practices with us. The breakout sessions was filled with interviews, Q&A’s from each business owner to the attendees to assess and identify weak links in each of our own businesses, to determine which move to make to overcome it and move forward.   

Life after the football has always been a hot button topic when talking about players coming to the end of their careers. I must tip my hat to the current players these days, that’s taking on the challenge of investing and becoming serious business owners, while they are still playing the game.

I look forward to utilizing the knowledge, ideas and strategies shared in my business to providing more solutions in the digital real estate marketing space that I occupy.
Job well done!


P. Jackson “The Action Online”

P.S.I mention the digital real estate marketing space in my earlier statement and this is really an online marketing system that works 24/7 and still allow you time to enjoy other things in life as well. Click the link here to get more info into setting up your own online system.

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Patrick Jackson

Written by Action Jackson

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