In this Battle, You Better Be Committed!

No matter how well we think we are prepared for the vision and dreams that are in front of us, doubts and uncertainty can come in and overtake us if we are not careful. Many times it’s easier and more comforting going back on the road we were traveling on as opposed to the new roads and frontiers ahead that lies ahead. In this battle to accomplish your mission, your “why”, you better be committed!”  Be committed to what you ask? You better Be Committed to Winning!

Even though the past is behind us sometimes our yesterdays can come through and still hold our today’s and tomorrow’s hostage.
You want to pursue your dreams and ideas however are you are still looking back? Sometimes when the odds are stacked not in your favor, you have to be willing to go against the grain. What should you do when times like these come up? After you have pondered, prayed and prepared, here’s your answer in this brief video:

Get Your Matches Ready!

Before the video, I asked and challenge you to do three things and that was to ponder, pray and prepare. I am asking you to Ponder (think and assess) your family situation, your finances and your health before making a committed decision and taking on that battle. I am asking you to Pray and communicate with God for direction, courage and strength and to be sure that it is his will and purpose for you to move forward. I am asking you to Prepare yourself with the skills, strategies and mental resources to forge ahead with confidence and faith, that you will so vitally need in the midst of the good , the bad, the haters and naysayers along with yourself. Be committed to winning  no matter what, because at the end of the day, it’s Worth it!

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Make it HAPPEN!!!


P. Jackson
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