Review this Memo Before Leading Your Team

Review this Memo Before Leading Your  Team

lead your team

Working in a team environment inevitably means coming to consensus where complex issues are involved, taking into account the opinions and perspectives of a variety of personalities and backgrounds. Part of effective leadership is helping those you manage move beyond their comfort zones into common ground, a process that can lead to better communication and heightened self-awareness while saving your company time and money. But how do you build a bridge for your team to reach an affirmative “Yes”?

TRY A NEW P.O.V. – Reframing the situation can work wonders, helping someone focus on the positives instead of negatives or opportunities instead of barriers or threats. Even if it doesn’t completely address concerns, breaking out beyond one’s perspective can open the possibilities beyond what’s been considered so far. Try to think like your individual team members and anticipate what will concern them – by addressing those issues up front, you may save a number of headaches down the road.

CELEBRATE DIVERSITY – There’s no one “right” way to communicate or work in business. By understanding and appreciating the various styles and strengths on your team, you’ll be able to foster synergy and collaboration instead of frustration. Simply pay attention to subtle personality cues, taking the time to understand team dynamics and personalities will pay dividends down the road via a fulfilled, cohesive team.

CATCH THE VISION – Help those you manage see the bigger picture, considering threads and patterns in the workplace. By emphasizing active listening and asking the right questions, you can help team players see positive patterns. An increased awareness can also help you watch for potential problems and triggers, allowing you to take the small steps that will turn the tide toward healthy collaborative efforts in the future.
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