Cedrick Harris Shares His Number #1 Strategy

Do your remember a top Pro Basketball player saying, “Practice, Practice, we are talking about Practice?” In the internet marketing sales arena, I relate this statement to Prospecting. I know many people will say, “Prospecting, Prospecting, why do I need to Prospect for clients? I have my business in place online and you want me to Prospect? Now I finally have a chance to sit back in the comforts of my home and do a little work and you want me to continue prospecting?”

With some of my own team members and others that are fortunate to have an online presence with their business, I happen to hear these comments quite often. First and foremost sales is a Peoples business, and in any sales business, prospecting for clients is the lifeblood of any business to produce and sustain revenue. Listen to one of the TOP Internet Marketer in the World, Cedrick Harris, as he share his #1 strategy for his business. Give me your comments with your thoughts.

Working From Home is a Joke!

Has working from home became a joke to you?  Right before bedtime, you start planning and visualizing what your day will look like for the next day and when the morning comes what happens? You are all over the house, cooking breakfast, washing clothes, watching TV, cleaning up the bedroom, etc…

By noon, you get a call from a friend or family member asking you to come out to the newest lunch spot to grab a bite to eat and catch up on the latest news, then off to the cleaners to pick up your clothes, stop by your P.O. Box to grab the latest junk mail and credit card offers for your business and then by the time you get through traffic, you have very little time to pick up the kids from school and get them home and settled. You look up and the evening has come and very little work has been done, much less trying to spend quality time with the family. Then right before bedtime you are doing it again visualizing the new day ahead. I hope I didn’t step on many ties however for many in the home based business arena, this above schedule doesn’t sound too far fetched. This has also caused many to have a bad taste in their mouth of running an operation from home and return back to Corporate America.

Having a home based business can be all that you ever dreamed it would be. You can be successful, feel liberated, and enjoy a stress-free commute simply by walking from the kitchen to your office with your cup of coffee in hand and still wearing your pajamas. On the other hand, it can be very stressful if you’re having a difficult time managing your business from home. Here are few tips to assist you with being successful working at your home based business.

1.You must be discipline and set a work schedule for yourself. This will help you keep from overworking yourself and also allow for you to spend time with family and friends, too. You can also provide your schedule to family and friends to help them avoid distracting you while you’re working.

2. You must be firm with friends and family about your business. You need to make them understand that even though your business is at home, you’re still working. Explain to them that your business is no different than any brick-and-mortar business with the exception of the fact that it’s at your home should get the point across. However, if you have young children this may be a bit more difficult for them to understand.

3. Have guidelines in place for customers and business associates for business hours and your availability. On your voicemail and website you can clearly post methods of contact. If need be, get a second phone line and have the calls forwarded to your voice mail after your regular working hours. This will prevent you from having to listen to the phone ring all evening long and help you avoid the temptation of taking that extra call that will cut into your personal time.

These are just a very short tip list for working at home and being successful at it. You have to have balance and make sure to maximize the time allowed for getting results. A business from your home starts and end with you setting things up for success and when the money comes in and your time is well invested in living life on your terms, you will need an assistant to assist you will the many calls from family and friends wanting to do what you do. Until then, let’s go to Work… at Home!

Young Men – Have Respect for Yourself

Happy New Year my friends;
I wanted to start this 2011 year off giving some positive motivation to our young people, particularly our young men. This day and age many of our young men are going through an identity crisis and are just not happy with themselves, with those around them and those leading them. Rev. Al Riggins shed some light as to what young people need to do and that is to have respect for yourself first and foremost in order to start having a better community and family life. Even though our discussion was geared to the younger people, we as adults can take and apply this same information for ourselves because after all the youth is watching us a role models. Enjoy and please share with me your “2 cents” and have a great day!

Social Media – A Powerful New Tool for Marketing

The days of calling social media new is long gone however I wanted to get your attention to talk about these marketing channels. Do you want a marketing campaign that can be viewed, read or heard by the masses and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Try Social Media!

Here are a couple of examples of what I hear from some business owners when it comes to trying marketing campaigns with social media; “Why do I need to get involved with Social media? I don’t need a facebook page, I am not concerned with twitter and youtube however I do want more visibility for my business.” This video post is a simple description of a few different social media channels and how they are similar to a few older media channels that was and still being used today. There will be more detailed information regarding social media in later posts so stay tuned.

Robin Marks – Is it Worth Going to Events?

You have invested in books, cd’s, web programs and other pertinent information for your business. Now you owe it to yourself to reserve your hotel room and travel arrangements for your primary business conference or event. The strategies shared from the keynote speakers along with information from your peers will provide you with the energy and momentum to take your business to a higher level. Listen to Robin Marks (internet marketer) as he discusses the value of going to events and what it means to his business and team members.

Have you ever started one project and before you completed it you moved on to another project? Ever had someone question you about this type of activity and you mentioned that you were multitasking your projects and they will be completed soon. After a period of time the projects are still in process. Well listen up as Lerrod Smalls share the tip to be consistent with your activities that he and his team have thrived on to accomplish their goals.

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