There is a Unique Difference Between Opinions and Counsel

Should You Consider the Source When it Comes to Your Business?

Wow, this morning’s mindset call centered around opinions and counsel and which one you should be listening too in your business. Guest speaker for this morning’s call was, Greg S. Reid of the Napoleon Hill Foundation and the Best Selling Author of Three Feet From Gold – Turn Your Obstacles in Opportunities and Napoleon Hill – The Road to Riches: 13 Keys to Success. He shared some dynamic “nuggets” regarding the successful business owners and individuals that he has interviewed over the years and this one particular nugget is a big one in my book!

Here are two questions I pose to you: Who are you listening too and where do you receive your advice from? Most people that are having a hard time succeeding tend to listen to the opinions of others when making important decisions that impacts the rest of your life.

opinions and counsel

If that is you, then you have a choice now to change that. Start seeking worthwhile counsel from those that are qualified to help you. Qualified means that these people have the knowledge, experience and wisdom to counsel with you because they have been in your shoes before.

For example, if you have a dream of writing a book or starting a home business, would you ask someone that haven’t wrote a book or started a business for advice or would you seek the counsel of someone that have written a book and have shown success with their home business?

Yes there are times when we may get some insight or idea from our friends and family members however when it comes to opinions and counsel, always seek counsel from those persons that have been down the road you are trying to go. Thanks for taking time to read this post, please like and share with others if you receive some value or insight from this post.
Seek Wise Counsel!


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