Happy Birthday Lauryn!

Wow! On this day 8 years ago, my daughter Lauryn was born 3 months early at 1lb and 7 ounces. My ring could fit all the way up to her shoulder!
>>>>She stayed in a place we never knew existed until that day which is the NICU.

God showed us favor for allowing her to be a very healthy, enthusiastic, hyper Princess of a girl and I am glad to be her dad!!!!


Lauryn, we spend everyday enjoying all kinds of stuff, playing, reading, running and laughing and oh how can I forget, getting some discipline when you start getting out of line,lol.

Don’t play temple run too much while I’m gone, watch out for your lil. sis Morgan and remember to wake up early to get everyone ready for Church on Sunday.


I am here with some of your favorite people that you want to sing with and on a mission to get autographs and pictures so that you can see that your dreams are real especially if you believe in them with all of your heart! This is why God gives them to us so that we can believe, live and tell others about what he can do.

Happy 8th Birthday Lauryn Simone Jackson!
OK “Action”, Let’s DO This!!!

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