My Tour of the New Tyler High School!

Breaking in the Indoor Football Field

My Tour of the New Tyler High School!

I had a chance to tour the Tyler High Lions Den indoor facilities as well as the other buildings and I must say that they did and are doing a great job.
That indoor field is off da chain!

So is the theater, cafeteria, band hall, media room, etc… you get the picture!
To take a walk through the halls, view the building plans, watch the construction crew work, talk and laugh with the coaches, former schoolmates, students and athletes, made the day a great day.

I did find out that if I want to get my annual workout in on the legendary Bottom Field, then I better do so before the end of July. All of the construction will be completed by the first week in August and the Bottom Field will be field in with dirt and part of it will be a parking lot. Oh NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! What are you guys doing? You can’t do that! Well yes they can and they are on schedule, so let me get my former teammates and get that last workout in before it’s over.

Breaking in the Indoor Football Field

Now, let’s get back to that indoor field though.
Now this right here is what gives me life!
To get a feel of the field, I decided to move around on it a little, you know,
put the foot in the ground,
cut left,
sprint right,
pick the knees up a little,
kinda like checking the tires sort of speak.

And what do you know.

Coach Holmes, the Lions Head Football Coach who happened to play db back in the day (JTLions, OkState and NE Patriots) wanted to see if the “Action” was really The Action! Ooh Wee… everywhere I go I gotta prove my love, lol

Now how did the receiver/db lineup challenge go?! I’m sure Coach would share his thoughts but since this is my post, “Well “If I’m even, I’m leaving!


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