Your Next Five Moves – February Book of the Month

Master the Art of Business Strategy by Patrick Bet-David

Your Next Five Moves – February Book of the Month

Your Next Five Moves – Master the Art of Business Strategy is a MUST READ! Available on Amazon here at

When you are able to think 5 Moves ahead, you learn the uncanny ability to predict (and control) what your opponents do. Chess Master thinks 15 moves ahead.
Most people don’t think more than 1 or 2 moves ahead (amateurs) and they flame out. People who think like this are driven by ego, emotion and fear.
5 moves is the sweet spot of thoughtful strategy and swift action. Thinking too many moves ahead can lead to paralysis by analysis. Having the ability to anticipate.
This book is designed for people who are curious to find out what their best looks like and are looking for the right strategies to help them get there. They’re not just looking for motivation; they’re looking for proven strategies that work.
5 Moves =
1. Master Knowing Yourself
2. Master the Ability to Reason
3. Master Building the Right Team
4. Master Strategy to Scale
5. Master Power Plays
Recommended reading by Colonel Willus Hall (Frat)… thanks frat!
Make it HAPPEN!!!

P. Jackson “The Action Online”

P.S. I enjoy reading books and sharing valuable nuggets from the books to others. What allows me to have time to read and recommend books, is having an online marketing system that works 24/7 and still be productive in my business. Click the link here to get more info into setting up your own online system.

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