Do Your Excuses or Dreams belong in a Casket?

Do Your Excuses or Dreams belong in a Casket?

I recently attended the Full Throttle Experience 2014 hosted by Delatorro McNeal II and what an amazing conference it turned out to be. So much powerful life changing content and activities that had all in attendance excited and ready to take on their dreams and goals in life. I have a question for you when it comes to living life full throttle with nothing holding you back.

Now, let me ask you, “Have you ever seen a casket at a business conference?” Maybe you have or maybe you have not and Yes, this is a pretty radical idea and even stranger to see in person. However, we did have a casket at this conference and it was not there to bury someone, it was there to bury everyone’s excuses, distractions, fears and negative self talk. We all, at one time or another, have these issues come up in our daily lives and we must stand courageous in our efforts to halt these internal challenges before they sabotage living our best life!

belong in a casket

Now here is another twist on this casket idea and what is even more profound than burying your excuses, distractions, etc… What are you doing about your dreams, your ideas and goals? Are you playing it safe and coasting along in the comfort zone of life. Are you allowing others to talk you out of following your dreams? Are you going to allow your dreams to be buried in the casket as well? I am sure you have heard of the statement that the best singers, the best engineers, the best entertainers, the best entrepreneurs, all died with their best work, their best ideas inside of them before they could express it in their lives and  touch the world.

We know that our time on this earth will come to an end and there is nothing we can do about it except to live our best life now and “Rob the Grave of It’s Greatness!” Here is your homework assignment: Write down your excuses, fears, distractions and whatever else that is keeping you from living your best life now and get rid of them. As for as your dreams and goals, write them down and instead of burying them, get busy making things happen and achieving them, so that your days will reflect that you lived life full and died empty!
Make it HAPPEN!!!

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