The Power of Time and Persistence

The Power Of Time and Persistence

time and persistence

Some times when a new person starts a home-based business they are very excited to go out and conquer the world! They know they have made the right choice and are so excited. Then a few weeks goes by and perhaps they haven’t made any income yet and they start to get discouraged and think about quitting. In fact many do quit because they haven’t “Made It Big Yet”.

Let’s talk about this for a minute.

What were the expectations when the new person started? Were they told they would get rich over-night or were they told that this was a real business and involves work and dedication? Maybe they were told the second phrase about this being a real business and involves work and dedication however, somewhere, in their mind they thought it meant the first part; that they could get rich over-night.

Guess what. Reality check!!!

Starting ANY kind of home-based business takes at least two things to make a long term income:
1. Time
2. Persistence

Let’s look at it a different way.

Let’s say you wanted to become a Doctor. You work really hard for years to get good grades, you apply to many schools and get accepted and then you pay your tuition (probably borrowed money in the hundreds of thousands). Then you start medical school and 3 weeks into it, you quit!

The reason you quit is because you were not making $100,000 a year yet!
Do you see the problem here?

To be successful at any thing in life you have to have time and persistence.

Let’s look at a home-based business for example.
The good news is pretty many anyone can get started for around $45 to $250 and you don’t even have to get accepted.
Many times you get training from your company to show you how to make it all work. Many times this can be done online.
You usually have the opportunity to make money right from Day One!

If you pick the right business many times you can reach that “Doctor-Level” income within 2 to 3 years, sometimes faster, sometimes longer and the best part is many times you can do this part-time.

So let’s get things straight here.

A Doctor usually has to invest 8 to 12 years of schooling and hundreds of thousands of dollars before they ever have the change to make any money and even then it’s not a guarantee. You have the same opportunity to do the same but do it in 2 to 3 years and you can start making money from day one. So why would a person quit after 3 weeks if they hadn’t made any money yet?

Because they don’t understand the power of time and persistence.

You see if you understand the expectations of your opportunity, it takes more than 3 weeks to make a great income.
There is learning time, application time and growing time.

What if it took you 12 months to get to $4,000 a month working part-time?
What if it took you 24 months to get to $10,000 a month working part time?
And by the way, many time this is income that comes in no mater if you decide to get out of bed that morning.

In both cases I just mentioned these numbers could be obtained faster or longer, it really just depends on you.
Would that be worth it to you?

The next time you want to quit, I’d like you to think of these two words:

1. Time
2. Persistence

Ask yourself before you quit:
Have I really given this enough time?
Have I learned everything I could?
Have I attended all the training on a weekly basis?
Am I fully engaged in my business?
Am I treating it like a business or a hobby?
Am I really following the training and exposing others to this business?

Anyone that has ever been successful in business will always tell you it takes more than 3 weeks!
Set your expectations correctly, get involved and be persistent and you will be rewarded in the long run.

Are you looking for something that you can apply time and persistence with and make a great income?
Are you looking for something that you make make money with immediately but have real expectations for big money in the long term?

Then check out the information below and see what I’m recommending right now
Your Time for Success is on it’s way!

Patrick Jackson “The Action Online”

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