This Boss Will Not Let Me Work!

That’s us hanging in my home office with me trying to get some work done and Morgan, our 5 month old daughter, trying to get some play time in. Well, you see who’s on the winning side of this battle, none other than Miss Morgan. This is one boss that will not let me work!lol


Being an online entrepreneur, I have been blessed to setup my schedule to block off time to work at different times of the day or night. I am usually very discipline with time and projects that I need to complete however after a long day or night of working and training, when I see this face smiling and playing, it makes it hard for get some sleep.

Being the owner of my business is both fun and a lot of work but with the little one in the house, it doesn’t take a rocket science to know who the real boss is in my business. As I look at my work to-do list and travel schedule, I realize that I have some catching up to do and as long as she is up throughout the day, this usually determine how long I am up working through the night.

To all of my work from home entrepreneurs and professionals, we take great pride in working for ourselves and having the freedom and flexibility to make things happen on our own terms. Even though I make the major decisions for my company, this is one “tough little boss” that I can proudly say I am glad to lose sleep for and work anytime she will let me. If you have a “little boss” like me, they sure make work interesting and a lot of fun, so make sure you enjoy it. If you like today’s post then please like and share with others and make a comment.

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