Here is a Thirty Year Throwback!

Here is a Thirty Year Throwback!

Wow how time flies!

What you see here is a side by side photo comparison of myself in 1990 and an updated photo taken a few days ago at my Parents home. I decided to re-create one of my favorite photos from time past and I must say, I got pretty close.

I get a big kick out of reading fun and inspiring articles on advice that “I would you give my younger self” articles are fun to read. While there is obviously no time machine so you can’t go back and give advice to your younger self, a younger person reading your experience would hopefully learn from your own mistakes and hopefully avoid making them.

Thinking about this question, I started to ponder the reverse of this question. What would your younger self say to your present self? I thought it would be an interesting question to ask.

Here it is 30 years later and as much as things change I must say that there were a few things that remained the same. I am wearing the same black leather trench coat, standing in the same driveway at my Parent’s home, using the same photographer (my Dad) and I tried to recreate the same pose as well.

As you can see, the automobile and the words on the license plate are different and I have a little less hair on my head than I did 30 years ago however it’s covering up my face these days.

As I was looked at the photo I couldn’t help but think of the conversation I would have with my 21 year old self. I am also sure that my 21 year old self would love to see what I am doing thirty years later. Wow, at the tender age of 21, I was living the dream of playing for the Atlanta Falcons and hadn’t yet suffered my career ending ankle injury just a couple of years later. At this age, there were so many friends I haven’t met yet, places I haven’t traveled and even my family that I haven’t even thought of that exists now.

I would let him know, that by God’s grace, I’ve accomplished many of the ideas he had in mind and that I’ve also failed in a lot of things as well… but God! I would ask him what he thinks success is and when he gets to, age 55 or so, what would success look like for him. I hope he can still see the love and passion in my eyes for living life and that I’m still putting my heart on the line and going full tilt.

If God say the same, here’s to another 30+ years full of love, dreams, family, friends and all of the stuff in between and let’s see if we can line up another photo standing in the driveway when that time comes.
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