Here are Several Reasons to catch a XFL Pro Football Game!

Here are Several Reasons to catch a XFL Pro Football Game!

The XFL Pro Football game between Dallas Renegades and the Houston Roughnecks turned out to be a good game that came down to the last drive but Dallas just couldn’t pull it off.

Reasons to Watch the XFL Pro Football league.

  • The league has a great foundation with the owner, commissioner and solid coaches with a ton of experience with coaching on both the Pro and Collegiate levels as well as TV Contracts with the big networks to give the league some huge national exposure.
  • The players are still driven and motivated to play their best with their eye on returning to play in the NFL. You also have a ton of college guys that are no longer eligible to play college ball but think they have a chance at the NFL Level.
  • I like the kickoff where the kickoff and kick return teams both doesn’t start the actual running, blocking and getting to the runner until after the ball is kicked and the returner catches the ball. The cameras on the field for close-up angles and shots, the interviews of the players during the game on the sideline right after a big play. Even interviewing the coaches mid-game is a breath of fresh air and allows you to see in real time, what the coach and players are thinking in the heat of the battle.
  • The entertainment factor during the games is highly engaging with the fans and it reminds me of going to a NBA Basketball game where after every timeout or stoppage in play, the music starts playing and they have interviews and games for the crowd to interact and stay in their seats. It’s Pretty Cool to say the least!

I will add to the list a couple of personal reasons for attending the game the other day. I got a chance to see my former Atlanta Falcons Offensive Coordinator June Jones who is the Houston team head coach as well as catch a photo opp with my former teammates QB Chris Miller and LB Robert “Captain Video” Lyles. I can always get in a good laugh with good friend and former Dallas Cowboy Safety Keith Davis who happens to be a sam houston state bearkat… shame on him!

Since our Dallas team is coached by Former University of Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops, I had a feeling that the stadium and sideline would be full of people from OU. I felt like my Barber and Youth basketball “Coach T” Tony Stephenson, whose from Oklahoma and is a Big OU Sooner fan would get a kick out of seeing his OU peeps. He was walking on cloud 9 being in da building and feeling right at home with all of those Boomer Sooners, lol!

Also to my surprise as a bonus, we caught up with the first pick of last year’s NFL Draft and Heisman Trophy winner, Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray, to a couple of OU ballplayers with the last name Alexander and Lol

Lol Thanks Isaiah Stanback and your Dallas Renegades for being a gracious host and I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend.
Alright Houston, it ain’t over!


Patrick Jackson

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