I am Ready to Play and They are Talking About a Redshirt Year?

I am Ready to Play and They are Talking About a Redshirt Year!

Now do the Redshirt option have you mad enough to Transfer?

After your final high school game and during spring football recruiting season, college coaches from all over the country have tracked you down and told you how much they like you and how you can help their football team win games. Now the time has come for you to report for the start of the season and you are all “gung ho” about playing on game-days for this football season however the same coaches are talking about giving you a Redshirt this year.

This brief video is a must watch to help you with that Redshirt option:

Did you learn a nugget or two from this. Make sure you view your options and keep in mind that college football is big business. You have to approach things away from the white lines and goal posts, like it is, a business!

Young athletes tend to let their passion spill over and become emotional and personal and I hope that before you do this, take time off with those in your inner circle to vent and get things off of your chest before you allow the coaches to see that side of you.

There are a lot of mental and political games going on that may or may not be in the team’s best interest. Quite frankly, all you want to do is play ball and this is understandable, however and most importantly, sit down and take into consideration the big picture which includes you, the team and coaches involved, not just this year but for years to come.

In most cases at many college football programs, coaches are not there for the entire time that you are there and they want you to be on their team however they are caught up in a “Must Win Now” business and if they don’t see your abilities meshing well with the team at this current state, then they will use this redshirt option for you to get better.

I hope you get some value out of this video and post and I do wish you well in your college athletic endeavors.  and no matter what, give your best effort everyday because those 4-5 years go by so fast and your work and your character will last much longer!
Make it HAPPEN!!!


Patrick  Jackson “The Action Online” is a former NFL Wide Receiver (Atlanta Falcons/Ohio Glory), First Team All Conference College Player (SFASU) and High School (Tyler John Tyler Lions) player. 

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