A Message to the NFL Football Players Cut from the Team!

A Message to the NFL Football Players Cut from the Team!

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NFL football player getting cut

This video is my message to those NFL football players cut from their team. There is nothing like practicing and playing with some of the NFL Superstars and good players, developing friendships, signing autographs, traveling to different cities playing against guys you used to watch on TV and video games.

Now the next thing you know, you are talking to the coach about why you will not make the team and he hopes you well in the future. After the Limo or taxi ride to the airport for a flight home, you are back to square one with your NFL Pro playing career in jeopardy.

Please watch the video here:

If you only receive one idea from this video, then it has been worth my time to create it.
I just want to encourage you to keep the dream alive and give it all you got to make it back on the field. However, if by chance things don’t work out, God has given you a mind to dream again and continue making things happen off the field. Your faith, work ethic and other talents got you to the highest level and you can take this same drive and determination and do other greater things with it.

This is Your Dream, Keep God 1st and Give it all you got!
Make it HAPPEN!!!

Patrick “Action” Jackson former Pro Wide Receiver (Atlanta Falcons/Ohio Glory), College Player (SFASU), High School (Tyler John Tyler Lions) Player.

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