Our Microwave Mentality Wants Instant Results

Our Microwave Mentality Wants Instant Results

Is it an Issue that We Live in a Microwave Society?


What do I mean exactly?
Most people have one word on their mind when it comes to almost anything in life; “Instant”.

Think about it for a moment. We have:

Instant meal preparation… Microwave

Instant information…the Internet! (think about kids and homework these days, no card catalogs, no trips to the library like the good old days)

Instant music on demand, no more trips to the record story, think iTunes!

Instant news and information…Twitter feeds, on-demand video, websites! (who here still reads newspapers and watches the 10pm news at night?)

Instant friends… Facebook! (you no longer have to leave your home to have 5,000 friends)

Instant relationships… Dating sites!

And the list goes on and on an on….

I’m not saying these are bad things at all, however for many, it has created a false sense of what it takes to be successful in different areas of our lives. One in particular I’d like to mention is… instant money and success when starting a home business.

Because of our “Microwave Mentality“, many people who try a home business quit before they even get started. Many people get discouraged if they haven’t made a million dollars that first month! Ok, maybe not a million dollars, but seriously think about it.

Most people who open a restaurant or a franchise are LUCKY if they turn a profit after 3 years.
The capital to start many types of traditional businesses is WAY out of reach, making times costing hundreds of thousands or more to get off the ground.

Think about Doctors. Would it make sense if they went to school and then after three weeks decided that they have learned enough and they go open up a surgical practice and start operating on people?

So why do so many people quit their home business after a few weeks because they haven’t made any money yet?
It all comes down to expectations; meaning those people usually have unrealistic ones.

Now it is true the starting an online home-based business IS a great way to make a great income. Very lower overhead (like none), many times you can get started for less than $45 to $150. You have the potential to make income even on your first day, and there are many people who make a great part-time and full time incomes which as let them reach their goals of financial and time freedom.

All of that is true.

The issue we have is that, even though an online business is a great way to go, it still takes work, dedication, and time.
Sometimes you don’t make money your first month and sometimes it takes you a little longer to get started. Maybe the big-dollars don’t come to you the first few weeks and months as you are learning and getting started.

Does that mean you should quit?

I have an answer for that. Look at others who ARE successful and see what it took for them to “Make it”. In almost all cases you will find that they made the commitment to be in their business for the long-run. They realized that time and financial investment were required to hit their goals. They went to the “School Of Involvement” and took it serious.

Sure most of them had set-backs and maybe they didn’t make as much money at first, like they wanted, however they stuck with it and got better and better each and every day. Then at some point something “Clicked” for them and they realized the power and potential of their business. Once that happens, there is no stopping them. They finally have moved past the “Microwave Mentality” and made it to success!

Are you ready to release your “Microwave Mentality” and start an online business that has the potential to make a great income for you and your family. If you are willing to put some time and effort into it, connect with me below and join the team of Freedom riders!
It’s Your Time!

Patrick Jackson “The Action Online”

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