Even on Crutches, My Bucket List is Growing

Even on Crutches, My Bucket List is Growing

my bucket list
My Bucket List

This is a season of slowdown for me physically with my Ruptured Achilles Tendon however my mental game is getting stronger and equate that to GOD slowing me down long enough at a time to use my head more. I say that because as I lay with my leg elevated (Doctor orders), so many ideas come to mind and the clarity for which these ideas will get implemented is crystal clear. It is safe to say that my bucket list is growing every week. As soon as I get a new bucket list project implemented I will post about it and hopefully fire you up to do the same.

New Bucket List Project #1

I am a true believer of having an ongoing bucket list of dreams and goals in front of you and when you achieve them one by one, scratch them off the list and move to the next one. Over a month ago a thought came to mind to journal my ATR injury/recovery so that I will have something to look back on in the years ahead. However I saw a resource tips and suggestions regarding the injury and a thought came to mind to create an Achilles Tendon Injury Blog to detail my recovery, as well as be a source for inspiration and a place to recommend different products related to the injury.

Fast forward a month later and the blog has been a hit. We not only created a blog but also a Facebook Fan-page with a community of people that have experienced an Achilles tendon injury recently or in the distant past. Even though it’s my personal blog, I am learning a lot of do’s and don’ts from the community and it’s arming with me with much information to share with my doctor and therapist for discussion. It’s fun to engage with others on what they are going through and you build a sort of kinship with each other. It’s also a good place to vent and let the air out because I tell ya, this Achilles Tendon injury is not something to take lightly that’s for sure. If I had some serious enemies out there I wouldn’t shoot or stab them to get back, I think I would take them out through their Achilles tendon,lol (just kidding).

What about You?

I encourage you to get started on your bucket list items. Grab a cushy seat, sit back and (elevate your leg, well it probably doesn’t apply in your case with no injury) let your mind wander off someplace with thoughts and ideas of projects you would like to do, places you would like to travel to or even the person you want to become, write them all down and pray and bust your behind on making them happen.

I will continue to stay engage and update my blog and fan-page community of my progress and as of right now I am setting the stage for my New Bucket List Item to come out soon. This time it will be a close family project and the idea has already been conceived, foundation laid and ready to blast off in the near future. If you need a push, a system or resource, I am here to assist. so let’s connect!
Use Your Mind,

P. Jackson – The Action Online
Connect with me by email at pjackson@theactiononline.com

P.S. Need a little motivation to get you started on your bucket list projects, well here you go… This book, Practical Action Tips for Go Getters, is a great start toward that journey. 

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