Will You Take the Time to Invest in Yourself?

invest in yourself

People are sometimes strange creatures when it comes to what we invest in.

 Many times we invest in:
 – Watching hours and hours of TV
 – Playing mind-numbing video games
 – Education to get a college degree in something that later on we are not even putting to use in our career
 – Gambling
– The Stock Market (Can be another form of gambling to a point!lol)
 Drinking to excess
You get the point, right?

There are many things we invest in over our lifetime and I’m not trying to knock any of the things I mentioned above, however  if we invest most of our time on this stuff, it can really take away from our own lifestyle and get us into a lot of financial problems and debt.

What does it mean to INVEST IN YOURSELF?

Here is what I believe…
When you “Invest in yourself”, you take time, money and resource to get better with the things that will make you a happier, wiser and more financially independent person.”

How do You Invest in Yourself?
Read positive books and magazines, especially on personal development.
– Invest in REAL education to help your business or career get to the next level
– Start Your OWN home business, even if you have a Job
– Associate yourself with positive uplifting people
– Exercise and taking care of your body
– Attend motivational seminars and classes
These are just some of the things that I feel (and has been proven) to help make you a more happier, healthier, and wealthier person.

So why do most people invest in things that is quite the opposite than being your best self?
It’s easy to do the things that take us the opposite direction and doesn’t require a lot of effort on our part.

One thing you will find though…
If you take the time to invest in yourself in the areas that will help you really grow, you will find these activities are easier and easier to do and one day you will wake up and realize it’s just a way of life. You won’t even believe that you used to do some of the “Bad Investing” in your old life!

So take the next step and get started with a positive investment in yourself. Pick one of the areas I mentioned and start today!
One of the areas I can help you with is starting Your Own Business, whether you have a job or not.  If you are currently looking to be coached and trained in a new business or want some strategies and tips for your current business…

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Patrick "Action" Jackson is a former NFL Football Player and now serves as an Online Marketer, Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Published Author. I believe in personal growth and self development, which is why I read 2 new books per month as well as stay active in mastermind groups, to keep the iron sharpen for better opportunities and challenges. No matter how much we think, plan, study and learn, nothing happens until we Take Action and Make it HAPPEN!!!

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