Fly High With the Wind of Resistance

Fly High With the Wind of Resistance

I just thought of the fun we all have when spring time come around and we see all of the kites flying up in the air. It’s especially fun to see the young kids trying to run and get the kite to fly however soon after it comes crashing back down to the ground.


Reminds me of how we all want to do well in life, fly high in business, enjoy the fruits of our labor and we must remember that this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the winds of resistance that life sometimes bring to us on this journey. There will be obstacles, pitfalls, mountains and other adversities that will happen and you have to keep in mind, just like flying that kite very high in the sky, if we don’t face any winds of resistance to push us upward higher and higher, then we will not fly high and far in life.

So just like those kids that are getting their kites together for a time of flying high, you should be preparing yourself to face the winds of adversity in order to fly high and reach your destiny;
FLY HIGH my friend!


Patrick Jackson

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