When People Say They Don’t Have The Time To Start A Business

When People Say “I Just Don’t Have The Time To Start A Business”

Some of you may have experienced this before when someone has expressed an interest in your business. Maybe you have shown them some introductory info of they have experienced the product and then when asked if they are interested in promoting with you they say.

time too busy

“I Just Don’t Have The Time To Start A Business Right Now.”

For some this is a real reason and maybe they are super busy with their life and activities and already have a comfortable income; they truly just don’t have the time. But for the rest, this answer usually doesn’t mean what they say it means.

Usually it means one of the following…

1. I don’t believe in the product.

2. I don’t think I can make money.

3. I don’t think I can do it.

You see the truth is, 85% of everyone walking around you are looking for one of two things…More Time and More Money… and there is a good chance that person needs both.

Now you just need to dig a little deeper and find the real root of the concern.

Most people are busy but the truth of it is they are usually busy staying BROKE and are sick and tired of it.
So why did they just tell you they were too busy? It usually has to do with one of the 3 questions I mentioned above.

I usually find it’s easy to be direct with people and just ask them flat out.
“So if you were not busy, what would stop you from promoting this opportunity?”

That simple question will usually get you to the real root of the problem and save you time and wondering why that person isn’t ready at the moment. It also gives you the opportunity to resolve their concerns as it may just be something very simple as…”I never really got to try the product” or “I’m not good at talking to people” or “I don’t think I’m good at sales.”

From my experience, most of these concerns can be avoided right up front if you have a good system that answers the above questions right from the beginning. That is really the secret to massive success!

If you are looking for a system to help you take control of the “I don’t have the time question”, then watch the video below and see the system I use to answer that question.

Watch This Video…and follow the simple steps.

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It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.

Patrick Jackson “The Action Online”

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