Here’s How to Achieve Your Breakthrough!

Here’s How to Achieve Your Breakthrough!

Have you ever had to channel up your inner Bruce Lee, Jim Kelly or Chuck Norris in order to exercise your martial arts capabilities and show the world what you are made of? This is what I had to do in displaying my power and sheer force in the battle between my hand and this board you see here in the video below. Just kidding, well maybe not, let’s keep this post simple and attach a life lesson to it.

I had the pleasure of meeting Troy Stende (author and speaker) at a recent conference and his board breaking training segment was centered around having a breakthrough. Who knew what a profound experience breaking a board would be, especially when you assess your life and review all of your hidden and not so hidden fears, goals and dreams and the strong reason.

Troy had us pick up a board and write a few things on both the front and back of the board (more on this later). He then showed us how to approach the board setup, using the proper techniques of hand placement and body stance and what to do before making the attempt.

What is the key lesson in all of this…

INTENTION! Now when I hear the word Intention, I immediately think about expectation. Here is a brief explanation of the difference between intention and expectation. An intention is simply a thought impulse which gives structure and direction to creative energy. It arises from a neutral state of awareness. Expectation is a hope that something will happen. It comes from an ego state that is identified or attached to the outcome. We want to get to a place where we are living directing our energies with Intention instead of expectations. Come to think of it, many times we are working or doing activities based on the expectations of others and this can be draining. The lesson is for us to live from the intention standpoint as oppose to the expectation standpoint.

Breaking a board for a Breakthrough!

Troy asked us to think and write on the front of the board, all of the negative things we could think of, that is holding us back from accomplishing our goals. Then on the back of the board, to think and write all of the things we want to achieve and focus our intention on following through with our hand, to a point way past the board, in order to break the board and experience our own personal breakthrough.

It’s amazing what you can do when you really focus your attention on the task at hand and devote all of your creative energy and force into breaking that board. The exhilarating feel you get when you see the board in two pieces and you lived to tell about it is a feeling that everyone must experience sooner rather than later! But also when you apply this “Breakthrough” exercise of setting the right intention and having the right focus added to your business, some amazing things can and will start to happen!

Those two words, Intention and Focus, are not just sound bites that the successful person use as cliches. These words are very real and very important to your success when you apply them consistently in your business. If you feel this post shared a valuable tip, nugget or life lesson for you or someone you know, please share with other so that they can get start breaking boards and having their own personal breakthroughs.
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