4 Inspirational Nuggets from the Movie “Life” – “Ray’s BOOM BOOM Room”

4 Inspirational Nuggets from the Movie “Life” – “Ray’s BOOM BOOM Room”

Are You Ready for the BOOM BOOM Room?

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I was a recent guest speaker on a Wake up call hosted by Larry Beacham, and I shared how I am a big movie guy and how I got a chance to watch one of my all time favorite movies called “Life” starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. For those few souls that haven’t heard or yet watched the movie, go pick it up today, it’s Hilarious to say the least!

When I am watching movies, I always have my antenna up listening and watching for “Pearls of Wisdom” or “Inspirational Nuggets” to use, as life and business lessons for myself and others.

Here’s a scene, “Ray’s BOOM BOOM Room”, from the movie and watch it first, then come back to the post to read the lessons-“inspirational nuggets” for your business.

Too funny!

Inspirational Nuggets!

Nugget #1 – Be CLEAR! Start using your mind to think, dream and visualize what you want out of life. Have a clear vision, clear enough that you can paint a detailed picture to yourself and others. Remember, before anything to manifest itself on the outside, it starts on the inside. Like Ray Gipson (Eddie Murphy’s character) stated in the movie, “It exists in my mind, it exists in your mind first”!

Nugget #2 – Big Vision, Think BIG! Ray Gipson mentioned that “if you think we had fun last night, guess who’s going to be there tonight…”? All of the guys was so excited and caught up in Ray’s vision, they were all imagining themselves doing their own part in Ray’s BOOM BOOM Room. As a leader, your vision has to be big enough for your followers to imagine their own dreams, their own talents to be used and accomplished inside of your vision.

Nugget #3 – Change Your Perspective of Your Current Situation! Start right now with your current situation in life and be determine to work with what you got! You may not have a team to lead or you may work a job and just making it from day to day, it doesn’t matter. Why? You need to go back to Nugget #1 and get clear with who you are and what do you like to do.

The job where you currently work may be a dead end job however change your perspective on it and use the pain or challenge with the job to push your way into something better. You have to BELIEVE and have HOPE that there is something better for you and your life.

Ray was in a physical prison however he didn’t allow that to stop him from dreaming and having hope! There are many, many people that are in prison with their minds. Doing everything for others, at work, at home, etc… however no time alone to get clear and get an understanding of themselves.

Nugget #4 – You Will Have Haters and Non Believers on Your Dream! Remember when Ray was talking about the BOOM BOOM Room and Claude Banks (Martin Lawrence’s character) mentioned to Ray to be quiet, don’t nobody want to hear that stuff”! That’s what non believers do! All of the other prisoners got onto Claude for saying this and told him to be quiet and go back to sleep however in real life, you may have more people telling you that you can’t do it as oppose to saying you can. If the non believers can get you distracted and stop believing in your dream, then the dream dies. Start surrounding yourself with positive people, dreamers and achievers, which I like to call a mastermind team, that can aid you with your mindset and resources to keep you on track.

I want all of you to chew on these “Inspirational Nuggets” and start making things happen. I want to invite you to several of my mastermind teams and get plugged in to what we and other achievers are doing that can assist you on your way to achieving your dreams.

Thanks for taking time to watch this clip of Ray’s BOOM BOOM Room and reading this post and I look forward to seeing your vision, your dreams and your work take place and become an impact for others all over the world.
Make it HAPPEN!!!


P. Jackson
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