We are Hiring for an “Inside Job” Position

We are Hiring for an “Inside Job” Position

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I’m not really hiring for an “Inside Job” position but you should be hiring for it yourself. As a leader and business owner, the moment I get out of the bed, my mind is set on go and you are probably wired the same way. You wear many hats to make sure that your business, your team and work are all in sync and making things happen. You are in the middle of a chaotic wheel that seems to be rolling non-stop and picking up steam throughout the day.

We can get caught up in it so strong that we may not realize that we are headed for a wreck! For me to realize that I’m headed for disaster, all it takes for me is to look around my office, my desk and even my car for that matter and notice the clutter stacking up and then I know I need to take a time out.  I know at this time that what I’m seeing on the outside is a strong reflection of what is going on with me on the inside.

Quiet Time

As entrepreneurs, we enjoy having those days where we are frenetically running from project to project, closing deals and making things happen. It’s very important to get some place quiet and find your peace. No matter what you have going on, peace and clarity on the inside can really change the way you go about your business and I call this working on your “Inside Job”.

Allow some time this week to work on that “Inside Job” and try to make it a habit to stick with. If you are not pleased with what’s going on the outside, just reflect and listen to what’s happening on the inside. As a bonus, it doesn’t hurt to make a wide sweep of your desk and create some instant clarity to work in.
Go to Work!


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