“Think and Grow Rich” Daily Mindset Call with Paul Hutchings

When you are part of a strong team it makes it easy when everyone know and understand their roles. On every post, you will notice that I always offer you the value and benefit of being on our team and taking advantage of what we have to offer. A huge part of that offering is our “Think and Grow Rich” Daily Mindset Call, hosted by Paul Hutchings every Monday – Friday, where the team listen to Paul as he reads from certain books such as, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles and other books. Afterwards the mastermind group in turn, discuss and share their wisdom, insights and experiences to what was read and how it can help others.

think and grow rich

In Paul’s own words read below:
We are think and grow rich” and I believe that imagination and positive thought = wonderful lives. We must first create in our minds before we can see results … I’m a big fan of Think And Grow Rich and I host a daily call to help myself and remind others that each day to remember the power of a Major Definite Purpose and the Self confidence formula.

As a matter of fact, speaking of visualization, I had a goal in January of this year to enroll 100 people personally into my network marketing company. That company then went out of business and I didn’t find a home until June. Between June 1 and today, I’ve sponsored 90 people into my company and I’ll definitely hit my goal of 100 in a year. When I set the goal I thought WOW, 100 in a year, that’s nearly impossible? Now, I’m seeing that I’ll do it in 6 months… the mind is unbelievable! Whatever you do, NEVER and I mean NEVER give up your dreams.

Paul hutchings

I also want to take this time to Congratulate Paul and his family (wife and 3 sons) for taking time to “think and grow rich” in regards to paying off his mortgage. He set an intention some time ago to do this and based on what he said on the call this morning, that mortgage will be paid off this week. God is Good All of the Time! Now you see what I’m talking about when I say that I am forever grateful to be a part of this morning mastermind call with Paul and the other leaders from all walks of life. I want to invite you to get on the “Think and Grow RichDaily Mindset Call  every Monday – Friday at 8an CST, Dial in # is 712-432-0900 access code 565762#. During the mastermind portion of the call, let Paul know that I referred you and like he stated on a call before, “that this business is ALL about connecting”, so connect with us! 

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P. Jackson
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