“I Don’t Think You Will be Successful in Your Business”

“I Don’t Think You Will be Successful in Your Business”

What do you do when someone criticizes you or tells you that you won’t be successful in what you are attempting to do?

Unfortunately sometimes the people who say this to you are family members and friends and it can be a real downer and sometimes it can make you want to quit. In fact many do quit before they ever even get started because of one or two negative comments.

not hearing the negative

Let’s look at the facts here…
– Are there people making money in the business that you are in?
– Did these people start out like you did at one point?
– Are there training and systems in place to help you become successful?

The truth is YOU be successful in YOUR business if You want it and are willing to work HARD at it. The real reason  that some people may talk negative or steal your dreams is because at some point in their life they let negative self-doubt creep into  their lives. Many times they reject success and get the mentality that they could never do it so in their minds others can’t do it either.

There really is a simple solution to this problem.
First… Never ever ever ever try to persuade or talk that person into changing their mind because they won’t.
Second… Just smile and keep a positive attitude. Tell the person that you value their opinion but that you ARE going to be successful and you would appreciate their support but they don’t have to.
Third… just ignore and let the negative vibes and words just pass you by. Move on and spend more time with people who will lift you up and encourage you.

Over time as you ARE successful, you may see that some of these people turn around and change their opinions and if they do great. If they don’t that’s fine as well. At the end of the day only YOU can control your success.


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