What Do People Really Want When it Comes to Work and Life?

What Do People Really Want When it Comes to Work and Life?

Do a little experiment for me. Ask 20 people this question, “If you could Have, Be or Do anything In your life right now, what would that be?”

Chances are their response will have to do with one of these two topics:
1. More Time
2. More Money

time and money

In fact, you may find that a big percentage of people probably want this for their life, however there are some that may not come right out and admit it.

Usually you will here responses like…
“I would like to do a lot of traveling to different places of the world; Europe or some exotic place sometime.” – This requires both money and time.
“I would like to spend more time with my family and friends.” – This requires Time and usually more money
“I would like to work more with my church or charitable organization and give back” – Again time and money
“I would like to quit or change jobs…” – Usually because of a need for more money or time flexibility.
These two things are not the only things in life that people want, but it ranks up there pretty high.

So if so many people want this, why don’t more people do something about it?

Well actually they do. They may not have a big red button on their forehead saying this, but more people do (or want to) take action.

The truth is almost everyone at some point desires these things and at different points in their life they do or at least they try. Maybe they start looking for a better job, start a home business or try to adjust their schedules in life to make these things work better.

Here is one challenge or issue though

Usually to get more money, one has to work more therefore the act of increasing an income actually takes away from the whole “More Time” part of the question.
It can be a vicious cycle.
There is really only one answer to this problem…
Work smarter… not harder!
Yes, you still will have to work hard but choose something that you have a passion for and you can leverage it to work for you while you are working or not working.

Here are a few things that let you do that

1. Real Estate Investing
2. Stock Investing
3. Internet / Network Marketing

There are more but these are three of the most popular.

#1 and #2 usually take a lot of money, knowledge and a bit of luck…
#3 Internet/Network Marketing is a different story. It’s something that is a lot easier to start. In fact thousands of people everyday decide to start a home business with many working on the Internet from the comfort of their home. The Internet has changed our world and has really unlocked a real gem when it comes to getting more TIME flexibility and Financial Freedom for yourself and family.

So now that we know that many people want more TIME and more MONEY there is no question that almost everyone walking around you is looking for something better and are very eager to check out something that works.

If you are looking for something that “Works” and you are in the group of people in need of more Time and Money, check out the video below to see what I recommend. Like most things, it only “Works” when You “Work” it!
You Can Do It!

Patrick Jackson “The Action Online”

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