Poor Smart Rich – May Book of the Month

Moving from Poverty to Middle Class and Beyond

Poor Smart Rich

Poor Smart Rich – May Book of the Month
Moving from Poverty to Middle Class and Beyond

Poor Smart Rich

This book written by John M. Segal is a powerful and insightful read, that I highly recommend to all High School and College Graduates, that are on their way to a life of growth and abundance.

Real life facts and stats on getting started and moving through the phases of life both productively and progressively one step at a time!

Thanks to my Frat Tim Cavitt, MS, MBA for the book recommendation and you are absolutely correct sir… A Must Have!

Great read here on Amazon https://amzn.to/2QWQDFO

P. Jackson “The Action Online”

P.S. I enjoy reading books and sharing valuable nuggets from the books to others. What allows me to have time to read and recommend books, is having an online marketing system that works 24/7 and still be productive in my business. Click the link here to get more info into setting up your own online system.

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depends upon your skills, work effort, and market conditions. We do not guarantee any level of income or success.

Patrick Jackson

Written by Action Jackson

I am the owner of Action Online Marketing Company, LLC, which is an Online Marketing and Publishing Company. I love God, family and living life to the fullest. I enjoy my role as an entrepreneur where I have the freedom to dream bigger, mastermind with smarter people than I and focus on executing the plans to success. I tell you what, just head on over to the About Me page and get the inside scoop.
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