About to Quit? Look at Your Why!

About to Quit? Look at Your Why!

Look at Your Why
Look at Your Why

Today is a good day to be an entrepreneur! I was sitting at my desk with thoughts on everything going on around me and others that are fortunate to be entrepreneurs and I must say, it’s not always easy to work for yourself. After a while, the many hats that you wear as the Captain of Your Ship, can all come crashing down on your head and no matter how motivated and success driven you are, there are some days you just want to throw in the towel and hang it up.

In my coaching sessions, I always ask clients about their “Why”. Why do you want to do this business and not get a safe and secure job? Why do you want to get up early and stay up late? Why do you want to make calls or emails day after day with little to no response until finally one person out of 100’s says yes we can get the deal done? These are only just a tip of the iceberg questions as to “Why” you want to do something and stay at it until you win or go home! No matter how big a heart you have or how driven you are to accomplish a certain goal or task, there will come times when you may hit a wall of resistance. Then you may question yourself and ask,”it’s worth it.”Are making all of the prospecting phone calls, traveling all over the country to meet clients, creating ads after ads to build your business, is it worth it?

When my clients experience success and then start to have a slow down in their business, I like to meet with them at this time to remind them of their Why. Many times this meeting will allow them to reflect, assess and move forward. There are a few times when they can only think of themselves and not see the big picture. This photo below really hit home when you start tying others into our journey. Now after you see the photo and read the caption, do you now see why having a Big “Why” will make it that much tougher to throw in the towel. Sometimes, if you can’t do it for yourself, then do it for others.

Look at Your Why
Look at Your Why

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