Don’t Allow Doubt to Hold You Back

Don’t Allow Doubt to Hold You Back

Have you ever wondered why certain people just seam to attract success in their lives? Not just financial but all so many other areas such emotional, spiritual and just in everyday life. There are several factors that contribute to this but one very important trait is usually found in most successful people… They don’t let “Doubt” hold them back or get in the way.

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Let’s take for example starting a new business. The successful person knows where he is going and he believes in his product or service, the company and most importantly in HIMSELF (or herself)! Now I’m not saying they don’t have doubts however what I am saying is that they don’t let doubt get in the way of moving forward to success.

For example…

You just got started in your business and you have never done this type of business before however you have a vision, plan and purpose of making things happen with it. You introduce your product or opportunity to a few family member and friends and they immediately reject the idea, doubt that you could do it and may even start criticizing to others about what you are doing.

Immediately the normal reaction is to start doubting yourself and questioning if you made the right decision to get in the business. Don’t feel bad if this is happening to you because, it is natural to do this.

Here are some moment of truth questions for you when it comes to doubt:

1. Do you let “Doubt” creep in and sabotage the dreams and aspirations you have for your business?
2. Do you fall into that trap of self-pity and go back to living a life of quiet desperation and want to start over?
3. Do you take it as a learning experience and realize it probably wasn’t the right time for your family member or friend pursue what you are excited about and working on?

Here is a suggestion I recommend when you are in a situation like this. Sit back and remind yourself that it’s “OK” and don’t take it personal it’s business. It happens in almost all aspects of life and in everything we do in life. It’s time to move on and keep plugging away because there are many, many people just like you that are wanting their own business and to have Freedom and a better life.

The truth is you CAN be wildly successful at anything you do in your business and personal life. You just need to BELIEVE it, take massive action and let the doubters and naysayers pass you by. When you do this something magical happens! You start to have success and that builds your confidence and you start to feel better.

This usually causes you to have even more success and now you start manifesting more and more of what you started this business for and for what you want out of life. When you keep the “Big Picture” in mind, this will really help you focus on what your Purpose and what You CAN accomplish and this will keep those doubts away.

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Believe and Not Doubt!

Patrick Jackson “The Action Online”

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