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  • SFA – Where Entrepreneurs are Made!

    SFA – Where Entrepreneurs are Made! I was driving the other day and noticed a huge billboard with an inspiring message about entrepreneurs. I attended Stephen F. Austin State University and I approve this message wholeheartedly. Alright Lumberjacks… Stand up! Sincerely,   Patrick Jackson, “The Action Online” p.s. Click Here for a little motivation […]

  • A Big Welcome to the New Entrepreneurs

    A Big Welcome to the New Entrepreneurs Have you Been Corporate Downsized or Facing a Job Layoff? This video is a welcome to those persons, the New Entrepreneurs, that have just experienced a job layoff or got recently downsized from Corporate America. The time is ripe with big opportunities for all of you new entrepreneurs […]

  • Attn: Entrepreneurs – What Do You Really Do?

    Have this question came up in your space lately? What do you really do? We entrepreneurs wear many hats when it comes to our work/life balance I believe the picture below sums it up best when it comes to the perception of what our business and life looks like to others as well as ourselves. As […]

  • Are You Clear Enough to See Your Vision?

    I wanted to share this brief video from a team leader, Mike Hobbs, discussing that word Vision. Are You clear on your vision? Below Coach Tony Dungy shares his thoughts on Vision! That’s great stuff from Coach right there! Mike shares in his own words, “For the longest time I wasn’t clear on what I […]

  • Do Leaders Make Bad Managers?

    Leaders are bad Managers! Alright Leaders hold up, wait a minute, take a deep breath… calm down! I just thought I would title this post this way to get your attention and blood flowing a little bit. This is a pretty lengthy post however if you are a leader, a manager or a director of […]