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  • Are You Motivating Yourself?

    Are You Motivating Yourself? I am in the gym and after my dumbbell lifts I quickly realize that today just wasn’t my day here in the gym. I took the first step by skipping that extra sleep time to get in the gym however I was basically going through the motions at the gym. I […]

  • Get in Peak State!

    Get in Peak State! Are You Ready? In order to be successful, first you want to be “In State” or should I say you need to be in Your PEAK State. You have to be at your emotional peak, entirely focused on the situation at hand. You Must be Excited! You Must be Ready! You […]

  • Make it HAPPEN!

    Make it HAPPEN!!! In Business, sometimes you have to Grit Your Teeth, get ready for the Fight and Make it HAPPEN!!! Are you ready for the fight? Do you hear the bell? DING DING… Make it HAPPEN!!! Patrick Jackson “The Action Online” p.s. Get fight mode ready, Watch this video and let’s make this Money Online […]