Getting Fitted for Your Boot is a Nightmare! Week 3

Getting Fitted for Your Boot is a Nightmare!

This post will be straight and to the point… No Sugarcoating!!!

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“Oh My Goodness! You want me to do what? Wait a minute, let me catch my breath…” These statements and a few more that I am unable to write in this post are what came out of my mouth as I was getting fit for my boot. I have been researching this injury by reading blogs, comments, other people’s experiences, even watching the video muse of Kobe Bryant and his ATR injury comeback and never have I heard, read or saw someone going through this painful experience that I just went through with getting fitted for my boot. From the information that I have gleaned from everything as well as my own experience up to this point has been on point. I mean things such as pre-surgery, surgery, post surgery, foot elevation, rest, getting the cast cut off, having the sutures and stitches removed and more have all went according to planned. That is, until it was time to get fitted for this boot.

When the Doctor told me that we will get you in a boot I was ecstatic to say the least. He gave me the instructions when to take it off, keep on when vertical, do this and do that and I was smiling from ear to ear. Until the “mean and hard to get along with” nurse walked in with the boot. She asked me to sit-up and place my leg inside of the boot with my heal touching the pads on the bottom of the boot. When I say this is painful I mean this is painful!  I had my foot and heel in the boot but the nurse wanted me to move my leg up 2-3 inches to get the straps to line up on the sides. She kept telling me to push my leg forward but with the swelling and the tightness of the achilles, that leg would not move. The pain was excruciating to say least with me stretching that tendon like that minutes after I had the cast removed. She added another pad in the heel but my wife saw the angle and ask that I change my position on the table to the boot and then it became somewhat better.

Now there may be others that didn’t experience this level of pain and discomfort and for this I am glad you didn’t however for others that haven’t reach this phase yet, at least you can say that Mr. Action Jackson did alert you to this point in the recovery process and now you are mentally prepared for it. I spent the last 12 or so hours on the phone with friends and associates that have had this injury in the past and I asked them point blank, why didn’t they say anything about the pain involved with getting fitted for the boot. To my surprise they all laughed and stated that they didn’t want me to know about this because if I had of known I may not have wanted the boot, lol!

Well getting back to that nurse I mentioned a few statements earlier. She wasn’t mean and hard to get along with, she was very nice and did her job of patiently waiting for me to say a few “unpleasant” words under my breath, dodge a few of my kicks coming at her and gave me enough time to catch my breath and start again with pushing my leg in the boot.

After all is said and done, I am glad I am at the next stage and for those that have went through this process before and didn’t warn us about the pain… shame on ya, lol! For those that are coming along to this phase, make sure you are mentally prepared for the worst and be ready for anything when it comes to healing and recovery of this ATR injury. Everyone will have their own stories of this ATR journey and like coaches and athletes say before in competition, “It’s best to stay ready as oppose to getting ready!”
Be Strong!

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