Here is what happens when You decide to Get Serious and Grow Up?

Here is what happens when You decide to Get Serious and Grow Up?

This post will be brief and coming from an exercise that I am doing at this current time. I am in the middle of taking some success and personal growth exercises and activities and one subject really caught my attention. It discusses the mindset and actions of those persons that decide to get serious and grow up about their life and business.

This caused me to think of a time when I was in my mid-twenties and early thirties and how I behaved when it came to my goals for my job and career. Yes, I worked hard and tried to do all of the right things to move up the ladder however as I fast forward some 15-20 years later and I can see clearly the error of my ways.

Before we get to the error of my ways, I want to keep things simple and really assist you from making some of the mistakes I made. If you have a list of goals, please get it out and let’s review them. Ok, you got them out, now ask yourself these questions.

1. How far along am I from accomplishing these goals?
2. Have I made any adjustments to my list of goals?
3. Do I have any hope that these goals will get accomplished?
4. What goals do I think were too much of a stretch?
5. Why did I put this goal on my list in the first place?

We can go on and on with these questions and they are a good starting point of questions however the bottom line is before you wrote those goals and timelines down, how serious were you in accomplishing them in the first place?

get serious and grow up
get serious and grow up

Do you have a strong sense of urgency to do the current tasks and activities today, to get the end result of accomplishment on tomorrow? This is where the “Get Serious and Grow Up” statement comes from. It is a proven fact that many people know the right foods to eat to stay healthy, however when it comes to eating them it’s a different story. When we start using affirmations in our goal setting and planning, we are getting serious and ready to grow up.

Think about this example goal statement for a second. If you write down “I want to be healthy” as a goal, this is a start and a great goal to have by the way. However when you decide to get serious and grow up, you may state it this way. I will get healthy when I decide to get serious and eat the right foods, do the proper exercises and stretches required daily and stay consistent with it no matter what, you will accomplish them.

As we grow older and want to enjoy the finer things in life and possibly leave a legacy of accomplishment, we start getting serious about what we are doing. We learn, understand and experience that the way we go up is in how we grow up. Get serious about your goals, get serious about your actions, get serious about your life and business and grow up and make all of them happen!

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