Being a Pro – Part 1 Your Small Actions Can Be Big Time

Being a Pro – Part 1 Your Small Actions Can Be Big Time

This note about Being a Pro, will be Part 1 of a 3 piece post regarding a few of my fun experiences and life lessons with my time as a Pro Sports Player. My intention with this note is to assist You with Being a Pro when you interact and engage with co-workers and leaders on the job, new acquaintances or total strangers you just met.

This Guy is Truly Big Time both On and Off the Field!

hall of fame

Hall of Fame Player having lunch with 6 other lesser known players. Fans come up for his autograph, he politely signs the t-shirt and to the fans surprise, he passes the autograph t-shirt down the table for the other players to sign.

One fan shouts out, what are you doing, “I only want your autograph“!
Hall of Fame Player says in a calm voice… “These guys are my teammates and you may only think I’m special but these guys are special to me and their names should be on there too“.

Fans and the lesser known players (including me) was taken aback by this statement because we all knew that the Hall of Fame Player was definitely the Big Kahuna however his statement and actions was what I would call, “Big Time”!

This impressed upon me that your actions matter no matter how big or small. Also, no matter how big or important you may become to your organization, company or team, stay humble enough to include the very people that allow you to shine.

This not only will help you stay grounded, can you imagine what this does to your teammates, your co-workers, to be included like that…

They will run through a brick wall, they will work with all of their heart to make sure that you are able to do your job but also that the team is in the best position to win the game, to close the deal, to make sure that the program is running smooth

And that my friends is…

This was definitely a moment that you wished the cameras, the sports and news channels and talk shows was there to capture this positive moment because most of the time the headlines and news report on high caliber athletes, leaders and executives are slanted to the negative.

Can you imagine the paparrazzi and cameras following your every move watching your every move? Just to pick out your flaws (we all have them) to pounce on and make it the focal point of everything about you. Give them something positive to report and they disappear
or keep it quiet.

When we all left the restaurant and got back together, we made sure to thank him for looking out for us but also let him know that when contract time came for him again, to be sure and let the team owners know, like he said to the fan, how special we are and that our names should be on there (that contract) too,lol.

Please comment or share if you received some insight or value with this post and remember to
Be a Pro!

Patrick Jackson “The Action Online”
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