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  • Finish What You Started!

    Finish What You Started! I had a wonderful time hosting the Worldwide Think and Grow Rich Mastermind Call, led by my friend Paul Hutchings. We read from the book, The Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill, Lesson 4 The Habit of Saving. Pretty insightful read and the mastermind discussion was unbelievable with so much passion, […]

  • Art Williams Says Do It!

    Art Williams Says Do It! Do you need to give someone an encouraging word? Do you want to start a business? Do you want to travel all over the world? Do you want to be on stage giving inspirational talks and presentations? Whatever it is you want to do, the message on this video post […]

  • Will People Stop Talking about Me?

    Will People Stop Talking about Me? Sometimes you must go through a season of being laughed at, people calling you crazy and no one returning your calls. Why is this happening to me? Entrepreneurs, Leaders and persons of achievement and influence, this statement below will free someone that may be in doubt or hesitant on […]