A Support Ticket Needed for Your New Product

Are You Tired of Filling Out a Support Ticket!

C’mon marketers! What is going on with all of these products designed and being marketed to other entrepreneurs and marketers for the promotion of their products however you cannot get access to the product after purchase.

You notice the buzz going around the internet about the product, you take time to review and research the product and then you purchase the product and NO ACCESS! Are you kidding me?

Now you have to send in a Support Ticket, you wait and wait and wait and then you get an email response that states “We received your information and support will get in contact with you within 24-48 hours. Keep this support ticket number —- handy for reference.” Now the excitement you had about purchasing the product has dwindle and you shift your attention to something else to implement while you wait.

support ticket

I’ve been blessed to be an online marketer for over 3 years now and also been extremely fortunate to have strong mentors and team members that all share ideas, tips and positive ideas and thoughts to keep you in the positive however I can see how someone new to this online marketing space can easily get frustrated and want to leave the industry before they even get started good.

It seems to me that when you review a product that can assist your business growth and as soon as you decide to purchase the product, you should be able to use it right away in your business. Having to send in a support ticket soon after you purchase, takes away from the positive state of mind you have created when you reviewed and purchased the product.

I have some great marketing mentors and friends in the business and I want to do all I can to support their products along with having my team members do the same. When you advertise and promote how much success you are having and how many people you are helping, that’s cool and attractive for people, like myself, to review and get the product to promote for our own offers.

Please, no more support tickets, take the time to make sure that the products are accessible and ready to implement after someone purchases it because the people that you are assisting are counting on you and for you, Your CREDIBILITY is on the line!
Support Ticket for Your New Product

Patrick Jackson
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**Product Support Ticket Disclaimer**

If you have a product that is in beta or pre-launch mode and it is clearly stated on the home page or faq’s then it’s understandable to have to wait for the product to be accessible. If you are adding more valuable tools to the products and you are communicating to your team members on a timely basis, then this is also understandable. I do understand the different ways products are created and launched to the marketplace and sometimes products are created based on challenges and issues and how much of a demand is created before the product even exists. This is a time tested marketing strategy that is used everyday by entrepreneurs and fortune 500 companies alike.

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