There are Delicious Foods in this Plant Based Food World!

There are Delicious Foods in this Plant Based Food World!


I owe a Big thanks to a long time family friend Mrs. Pamela Erwin and her son Larry Erwin, Jr. for introducing me to the wonderful and delicious side of the plant based food world, several months ago, at their Vegan Food Dinner Party.

I must say that ever since that time period, I’ve been making adjustments with my diet and nutrition to include more plant based foods and less fried foods and beef.


I still gotta have a chicken leg from time to time but I’m working on it. I am not much of a cook and one of the things that I was curious about was finding plant based foods that tasted like the foods I had eaten at the Erwin’s Dinner party.

Well I started hitting up a few spots and what do you know…

I am starting to like the direction my plant based food choices are taking me with these restaurants.

I’m getting better at finding restaurants that prepare these great food dishes however none can quite compare with the plant based soul food dishes that Mrs. Pamela and Mrs. Danielle Green can cook up on a weekly basis… ooh weee!!!


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P.S. For those that like to cook, I am introducing you to a great Recipe Book here that you can start using right away.

P.P.S. No matter what city you live in or travel to, Click here for a resource to use when looking for local plant based restaurants in the area and they even have customer reviews on it as well.

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