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for some reason I have to make this post irresistible because in the online business and product creation world, this word “irresistible” has become the new buzzword of the day. For those that has been offline or under a rock, this past month the biggest rage in business other than the Economic bailout plan or the NFL lockout, it has been the new product creation by Mark Hoverson called “Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint.”

Mark Hoverson is one of the most recognizable names and brands in the online marketing and direct sales industry. Just a little over 4 years ago he was qualifying for food stamps and now he is orchestrating his own personal multimillion dollar empire and with this prouct he created and just launched, he is taking his secrets, strategies and creative brainpower and putting it all to work for and with you.

Hoverson starts this product off going into the “Caffeine” product where he shows where caffeine products are products that actually gives your business a generous financial boost.  Then he goes over in detail the strategy behind video sales letters, webinars, etc…

All in all, if you are looking at having a business online, a seasoned online veteran or been online for a while and  just not having the success you envisioned yourself, then this may be the product for you.

At a recent internet marketing conference (where this photo was taken), I had a chance to listen to him talk about his other great product creation, “Solomon CEO” based on King Solomon and it brings a modern view on wealth creation using concepts from ancient history! Mark is a wise person and does his complete due diligence when it comes to product creation and teaching it to others. Study this information and put thought to what product you can create from the wealth of talent you have inside of you. Talk soon,


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Action Jackson

Internet Marketer and Business Coach at Action Online Marketing, LLC
Patrick "Action" Jackson is a former NFL Football Player and now serves as an Online Marketer, Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Published Author. I believe in personal growth and self development, which is why I read 2 new books per month as well as stay active in mastermind groups, to keep the iron sharpen for better opportunities and challenges. No matter how much we think, plan, study and learn, nothing happens until we Take Action and Make it HAPPEN!!!

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