I wanted to go over a few Highlights of Empower Network 
to a few folks that didn’t want to take the time to click
on a few links to see what all of the fuss is about.

empower network1

I recently went to a Marketing event in Austin a few weeks
ago and I was highly impressed not just for the type of products
and training offered but with the people and how this company
is full of people with heart and inspiration!

Not to mention the number of people being asked up on stage and
receiving $100,000’s of dollars of commissions earned. A few people
earned over $100k for the month and this one guy earned a
whopping $500k in 28 days!! Wow! 28 days?!!?!


Empower Network’s System is the Lucrative Solution to a
Complicated Online Marketing World!
One of the Fastest and largest growing content publishing
platforms in the world!
Global and virtual
Has a low entry level, $25 + $19.95 to be an affiliate
Has NO qualifications, the best compensation plan I have ever seen
Is non-competitive to other MLM programs as Empower educates
people to be an awesome internet marketer
Pays 100% commissions, where a traditional MLM pays only 5%+
over a down-line (If you qualify…)
Pays out worldwide to a debit card or directly to your bank account
Has high converting capture pages
Has a strong personal development offering
Has a strong corporate team
Paid $20+ million in commissions in the first year
(It is a proven business model)
Basically, you can make money fast, very fast… (See the disclaimer)

Do you think you will be the next success story?
Do you think you will be on stage at the next event in Chicago?
That event is coming up in a few months, April to be exact and
guess what, with this company, with this comp plan, with this training
platform and more importantly with the people and Empower Network
community you are joining, you are more than halfway there!

Please like and share with other leaders and make
a comment if you received some value from this
content and/or if you have more tips to add.
Make it HAPPEN!!!

P. Jackson
[email protected]
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**Results are Earned not Guaranteed!**
Empower Network Disclaimer:
The amount of hours worked required to achieve the stated income varies by participant. The estimates provided above were the result of an informal sampling of Empower Network participants. Basically, it takes hard work to make substantial income in this business, and some people make no money at all.

The income statistics above are for all active affiliates world wide for the dates specified above, are based in US dollars, and updated daily. An ‘active affiliate’ is defined as someone who: 1) Has executed an affiliate application; 2) has qualified to earn commissions; 3) has received at least one direct commission in the last 30 days; 4) has either an approved merchant account, or integrated a payment method in the members area; and 5) has not been terminated, or chosen to discontinue for any reason.

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