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A few days ago I happen to grab a few moments in time to take in all of the sights and sounds around me. I went to a local coffee shop, playground area, mall and shopping center, doctor office and even a worship center, to grab a few things and just people watch. There is not too many times during the course of a busy day, that I get a chance to steal away, but this was one of those days. Now over the course of a few days and a weekend of self assessment and also reviewing what I saw with people at these different places, I want to let you in on what I noticed. This is not some complex critical piece, just a write-up or casual conversation to get you to think about what you are seeing and ask yourself, what would you do to add value with the below observations that I noticed.

I am noticing that many people are living life just going through the motions. It looks like they are just waiting on someone scream, blow a whistle or sound the bell, to wake them up out of a deep sleep, to shake the cobwebs off and get to living life. There is a glaze look over their eyes that shows that they are caught up in the routine of their day to day and as much as they say they want to break out and do something different , they are really just fooling themselves.

I am noticing that many people are scared to make a decision. Too afraid of the personal accountability and responsibility that comes with the territory. If you are a leader you already know that leadership is a lonely game and that you will have to make hard decisions on the journey. When I am doing a project with my 7 year old daughter, when it comes to her making a decision, I always remind her that, “it is up to you” and not me. I’m starting to find myself asking this question more and more with adults.

I am noticing that many people are in a lot of pain, be it emotional, mental or physical and doing there best not to show it or even ask for help until it’s too late. The pain is hard to hide especially when it is written all over their faces and draped over their bodies like a vampire cape.

I am noticing that many people would rather keep their head down looking at a screen (phone or computer) than to hold their  head up and look at another person in their eyes. Person to person conversation have really dropped off and this may be the reason for the growing mistrust of people around us.

I am noticing that many people are giving up on keeping pace with technology and the pace that the world is moving. I recently ran into an old colleague that stated he didn’t like facebook, twitter and other social media resources. He also didn’t understand why someone had to have email on their mobile phone, when all they could do is just go back to their office or home and check their computer. He also stated that his boss gave him a project to work on for that particular week and he really couldn’t start it until he got home and asked his kids to research on google or some other “fancy” online tool that they are on everyday. I left him with this statement; “Did you ever imagine that you will have 2 bosses and your kids being one of them?”

These “I am noticing items” are just a few things that came to me as I did my people watching for the week however this turned out to be great food for thought during a conversation with others over the weekend.  If this post is something you find interesting, please add to the list of Final Notices and also “like and share” with others.

In the meantime, please remember to sound  the bell and wake up , do something about those aches and pains, say hello to someone with your mouth at least once a day and tell your kids about your new facebook, twitter and youtube accounts.
Peace and Joy,

P. Jackson, “TheActionOnline”
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