Hello my friends and fellow entrepreneurs, sometimes people ask me why I spend at least 2 hours on daily mastermind calls with different leaders and business partners. Well it’s because I get a chance to learn from others as well as impart knowledge and wisdom from my own experiences. These 2 parts blended together creates a mastermind team that can take you higher in your pursuit of your goal than if you were to remain isolated away from others and working from your own mind. You cannot put a dollar figure to what having a true mastermind group will do not only for your business but for you as a person and a leader.

A daily mastermind team also serves as an accountability group that can serve as a sort of checks and balances with your progress. On many discussions you may receive some inspiration to create something new or make some minor adjustments or tweaks to your current idea or just simply share input to others to move forward in their pursuits or perhaps give caution to something that may need further thought or development.

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That’s the thing about being an entrepreneur, your time is your own and if you are not discipline and not plugged in to an accountability group of some kind, then you can spend that time on things that are not productive for you or your business. I make it a discipline with my new team members to commit to being on a daily mastermind call everyday for at least 90 days. The first 30 days to listen and gather the information and ideas being discussed, the next 30 days to share any experiences that may assist in the mastermind and the last 30 days to deliver input like a leader would and also invite others to these daily mastermind calls.

Sure, I hear from new people all of the time saying that they could probably get on the calls once maybe twice a week and when I hear this I smile, because I know that they may not be ready at this stage of the game to be a part of my team. There has to be a deep commitment level to first be an entrepreneur and also to be a part of a mastermind because the mastermind group is giving their time and value to help everyone associated on these calls to be and perform at their best.

I heard a quote that reads, “That the Ladder of Success must be set on something solid before you start your climb” (Author Unknown). Your foundation, your base must be on solid ground because as you start climbing, the winds of change and environment gets stronger. The term I like to use for these daily mastermind calls is the term, a Foundational Piece, because really after 90 days, these calls should become part of your foundation on your climb up. These calls should be imprinted in your daily preparations and setting up the stage for huge results and accomplishments.

I have a few calls during the morning time and even while taking my 7 year old daughter to school, I have a daily mastermind call on the speaker so that she can hear some of the nuggets being shared and she is learning before she get in the classroom. Yes, I am that committed my mastermind groups and I take these calls serious because not only my business and my team members depend on me to be on these calls, even my family depends on that too. So, if you are serious about your business, your  team and your own personal development, let’s connect because I have a few mastermind teams you can plug into that may make the difference in what you are wanting to accomplish.

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