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You think you are a good leader huh? Do you have followers? Do you lead them to something positive, effective and with valuable results to show from your leadership? I want to go over some key concepts for those that want to become a better leader.

I was reading a news article the other day and came across an outstanding piece on leadership. Dave Kerpen, co-founder and CEO of Likeable, NY Times best-selling author and keynote speaker, wrote this piece and there are eleven important principles to share with you to become a better leader and we will go through these 11 concepts one at a time.


Here is the first concept below: 1. LISTENING Do you consider yourself a good listener? Why or why not? This is a good question as the leader to ask yourself. “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” – Ernest Hemingway
Listening is the foundation of any good relationship. Great leaders listen to what their customers and prospects want and need, and they listen to the challenges those customers face. They listen to colleagues and are open to new ideas. They listen to shareholders, investors, and competitors.

According to the American Express Open Forum discussion, here’s are four reasons why the best CEO’s listen more.
A. Better understand customer and employee needs. By listening to what your team thinks, without your own agenda, you’ll be able to understand what they want and need.

B. Help stakeholders feel heard. When people believe that their voices are being heard, it makes them more committed to the mission at hand. Everybody wants to feel heard and valued. Even if you never use a single idea your staff or Board share with you, they’ll feel better about you and the organization just from your listening.

C. Gain a better understanding of what’s really going at your organization. Sometimes the only way to get insight is to sit back and focus on paying attention. The higher up in your organization you are, the more important this is.

D. Get access to new ideas and perspectives. Who knows the intern or woman in the mail room just may have an idea for your next product line that you’ve never thought of.

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Thanks again for reading this post and becoming a better leader and if you received some value from this content and if you have more tips to add, Please like and share with others and make a comment.

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Tired and Stressed Leaders Need to Read This

Attention Leaders!
There are times when you as a leader are pulled in many directions to bring
solutions to  issues and your battery can get drained fast. When you get
tired you just want to shut out everyone and go into your own little world.
No matter what industry you are in, the bottom line is that this is a people
business and you are constantly dealing with different personalities and
sometimes negative attitudes that can cause chaos in the business as well
as within yourself.

Are you tired and stressed?
Do you just want to take
the leadership hat off and give it to someone else just for a little
while? What about just sit back and get under the radar and allow the chaos
to unfold and hopefully the situation will remedy itself.

Also depending on the size of  the team you are leading, there is an
inherent responsibility you have to shoulder as the leader to be the
example or the standard you want your team or company to reflect.
Just having that responsibility of being the example and leading others
have caused many leaders to crack under pressure and cause a breakdown
in effectiveness. You have to continue to sharpen the mental saw before
your performance and your health start declining.

I was just thinking the other day how invigorating it is to be around other
leaders at marketing events and in masterminding groups, discussing ideas and
getting those creative juices flowing for the next big thing in our business.
I use the word invigorating because if you are a leader or have aspirations to
become a leader, no matter what industry, there are times when you just don’t
feel like being bothered and you need some type of stimulus to get you back up
on the hill.

Here are 3 basic things that you can
do to keep yourself mentally sharp and refreshed on a regular basis.
One, schedule some quiet time daily to still your mind and reflect
and get clear on the the big picture. Just being still can do wonders for
you to escape the mad drama that is on the outside waiting on you, the leader,
to come in with the solution.

Second, attend mastermind groups with other leaders in different industries.
Whenever I am with these groups, I always come away from them with a different
perspective on my situation. Being around other leaders is also good
to know that you are not the only one that is going through something or having
a down time. More than likely, there are others that are possibly tired and
stressed and want to do the same thing as you and hide out for a minute.

Many times, it seems that my problems and issues are the biggest in the
world until I hear another leader sharing their issues and then I take a
step back and think, Wow, I thought I had it bad. However, leaders know
not to gloat over another leader’s issues because just like a storm,
you’re either in a storm, coming out of a storm or headed into another

Third, I really enjoy attending industry related events with other leaders.
No matter how tired or stressed down I am, events are a great pick-me up,
that always inspire me to a breakthrough with my business. The energy and
the ideas coming from so many different source can get you back in the right
frame of mind and ready to take on the world.

Keep in mind that as a leader, you chose to stick your head out in front of
the pack to lead with a vision and provide a solution to whatever issue and
challenges that presents itself. No matter how tired and stressed you may get,
you before everyone else must stay connected to the big picture of the business
and we must stay in tuned with your “Why” you are leading in the first place.

Continue to surround yourself with like-minds so that you have that positive
energy pool to drink from. Please like and share with other leaders and make a comment if you received some value from this content and/or if you have more tips to add.
Make it HAPPEN!!!

Patrick Jackson, “The Action Online”
[email protected]

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I found an interesting article in my daily reading over the weekend that really inspired me to take more massive action in my business. The article, “Difference Makers – Top 100 Places to Work 2010” in the Dallas Morning News, offered a glimpse into the CEO’s perspective by asking them three questions. Number 1 – What their staff wanted from them as CEO’s? Number 2 - If they had a do-over what would it be? Number 3 - What failure did they see from their past boss. The question and answers that really got my attention was, “If they got a do-over for the last year, what would it be?”

I chose to focus on this part of the article because in some form or fashion, there are some things in life and in business, we may not have any regrets however we all would like to redo or make some adjustments on something. In this particular article 18 out of 42 CEO’s stated that they would have been more aggressive in their business. Whether through hiring more staff, diving into more markets or investing more in technology and marketing, in hindsight they understood that by being more optimistic and taking more risks they would have positioned their company in a far better position to advance.

These answers were very inspiring for me to know that even in a down market, there are leaders who instead of thinking about slowing down and maintaining the status quo, are actually ramping up and plowing forward for their company to do bigger things. Oh yes there are still some leaders out here that are driving their companies right out of business with bad decision making, minimal communication and flat out greed, however that is another post. Thanks Cheryl for this great read and a big thanks to the CEO’s that has inspired me and hopefully you too to go out and take the initiative and grab the bull by the horns and take our vision, ideas and projects to another level. Please share your comments and experiences.

What Does Leadership Look Like?

Hello my friends,

Do you know what leadership look like? In many companies and organizations throughout the world, leadership is looking more and more like a joke. You have to search through an organization for days at a time or wait for a catastrophic event to take place to find your real leaders. About a week ago in a discussion with a few colleagues over lunch, the topic centered on leadership and when will real leaders be allowed to lead. You may know of a few people in leadership positions that for some reason or another, have lost touch in developing and leading their teams the right way. We are not simply talking about leading a team or department to a very high number for goals but simply just having the attributes that builds trust in those team members that they are responsible for leading.

We have heard and known for some time now all of the buzz words for leadership; having vision, integrity, trust, character, firm, etc… and these attributes are paramount in true leadership.  I recall a particular coach would say to his teams before the game, “To go out and play the game the right way.” The players or workers in turn would say the coach; “To lead us in the right way.” People are smarter and more in tuned with what’s going on around them than they get credit for. This statement, “Please don’t piss on my head and tell me that it’s raining” is becoming the buzz word from team members describing the communication style and strategies used by their managers when it comes to delivering information. People are starting to recognize the difference and leaders need to keep this in mind when it comes to communicating and leading others.

Many times the position title of leadership can actually trump the person’s leading ability when it comes to getting their teams developed to achieve their goals. to reach another level. Have you ever came across a person  that was in a managerial role and used their title to trump  their subordinates ideas, project accomplishments or even belittle them to their colleagues or superiors. Leadership doesn’t look like this!

Again what does Leadership look like? Great positive leadership comes in many different forms and we won’t touch all of them in this post however a few things come to mind when looking at leadership. Leadership have vision to see things in front or at a higher level when others are looking behind, on the sides or not looking at all. Leadership stand and make the difficult decision that is right for the situation and organization even if this means standing by themselves. Leadership operates with integrity knowing that everyone may not be treated the same however they do their best to treat their team members right and fair. Leadership seeks input from others understanding that not one person has all of the answers. Leadership understands and accepts that not all ideas or decisons will be a success and they take full responsibility and learn from it. Leadership recognizes those persons skilled in the areas of development and execution of strategy in attaining goals and implementing ideas which can lead to creating value for the organization over time.

I applaud those that have earned the mantle of being promoted to a leadership position at your particular workplace and I know that this duty was not easily earned. When you see real leadership at work on any level, do your best to recognize, acknowledge and grow it, because in the absence of real leadership you jeopardize the core of the organization that will lead to mass exodus of talented people onward in search being led by leaders and/or becoming one themselves.

For every promotion of leadership you attained, make sure to continue to sharpen your leadership skills by reading books, masterminding with other leaders and attending leadership seminars and classes. After all of the reading, talking and learning, most importantly, leadership recognizes opportunity, communicate the opportunity and challenge their group to take it on. Leadership get in the heads and hearts of their team members, the ears of the customers and the eyes of the competitors. Why? In order to understand and be able to stand in front to determine, engage and influence the marketplace to follow the leader. This is what leadership in my eyes look like! Please share your thoughts and ideas about what leadership looks like to you.

Be the Leader you are Looking for!

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