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In the business that I am in (Online Marketing), it doesn’t take long for your product or service to go global and viral, which can create a financial tsunami in your life. I have witnessed so many lives being changed so fast and in a big way, from working on the internet that it will make your head spin. Not just online marketing but other industries are having these fast life changing results and I am writing this post to help all of you that are experiencing this kind of success in your life.

First of all, I want to give a big shout out and congratulations to all of you who are making things happen in a big way! No matter what industry you are in, if you are seeing some financial success, especially in this “down” economy that we live in, I believe you owe it to yourself to enjoy it.

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Living in the social media wave, it’s not that hard to find someone that is experiencing financial success; just look around. Attend an event, look on facebook and other social media platforms and you may noticed big cardboard printouts of huge check amounts and stacks of money on videos, etc… and you have to admit, this really should get the blood flowing for all of us to do well in our business. I really enjoy reading and sharing many of my colleagues accomplishments and victories and I pray that they will continue doing big things with their success not only for themselves for others also.

I remember watching a biography story of the Bee Gees, you know the group that sing Staying Alive, Saturday Night Fever, More than a Woman, etc… and they was sharing their story of how they got started, the rise, the success and the losses and they mention this one phrase that sticks with me to this day. The phrase is known as “First Fame“.

First fame is a phrase that defines a period that comes after a time of grinding and working through struggle and hardship, then experiencing a fast level of huge success before you are actually ready for it and all of the “trappings” that comes with it. The Gibbs brothers were referring to their younger brother, Andy Gibbs, aka “The Golden Child”, who passed away at a young age after experiencing huge successes early on. You hear story after story of musicians, actors, athletes, business people and others that hit it big and then experience a tragic fall from grace.

I can’t help but think back to a time, over 20 years ago, when I was playing Pro football. When you are doing something that you love doing and getting paid good for it, that’s an UNBELIEVABLE Feeling! I, along with hundreds of young men playing ball, had that feeling of invincibility and living on a high with no money worries and everyone was just glad to be around you. This was my First Fame” moment and I was living the dream man! Being able to travel to any place in the world, spending money on tons of things that I didn’t need and sometimes didn’t want, just to spend money because I could, was exciting to say the least.

A few years pass, I’m not playing ball anymore due to an ankle injury and now a different reality sets in. Now I’m getting older, the crowd of people are being replaced with the crowd of bills and payments and that invincibility is slipping away. You look around and you realize that you are starting over and you need to get a job or do something to make ends meet. Wow, it doesn’t take long to fall from the top to the bottom and yes the ground hurts and really this is a whole another post that I may write about soon.

However I want to share a tip with you, especially to the “Newly rich”, the “First-Time” success stories that are popping up faster than I can write this post. This tip is call having the Proper Mindset and how this can be the difference in how you help yourself in either case; whether you experience a fall or not. No matter if you are just starting in your business, halfway to success are on top of the food chain, you need to work hard on having and maintaining the proper mindset in regards to life and others around you.

When you hear leaders talking about reading books, being around positive people and having dreams and goals, don’t mistake this talk for idle chatter. It is vitally important for you to prepare yourself with listening to positive audios, reading books and surrounding yourself with the right kind of people to facilitate your personal development and growth. Because when the money and fame start pouring in along with the “trappings of success”, you want to be prepared and know how to handle it.

Will you make crazy purchases just because, probably. Will you want to get that dream car or dream house, yes and you should if that’s your dream right! However with the proper mindset, you will know how to buy and spend and still have financial options without destroying yourself doing it. I have to say that this becoming financially successful and the term “First Fame” is real and happening everyday, so let’s be sure we are developing our mindset and character to be able to handle and deal with success, Successfully!!

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When the Big Hit Happen, Will You Get Up?

I want to close out the 2012 year imparting some wisdom for you to take with you into the 2013 New Year. I was watching a video of one of my closest friends from my hometown Tyler, Texas (Gary Jones-Pittsburgh Steelers/former Tx A&M Aggie/Former JT Lion) making a “Big Hit” on a receiver. This was during a time when the Defensive Back could hit a Receiver while catching the ball and there wouldn’t be any penalties or fines for hitting a defenseless player. My how times have changed!

The reason I am posting this video is twofold; first because my friend is bringing that wood (hard hit) on the play and I among many of the hometown folks were super proud of his play and production on the field and secondly, the lesson I gleaned from comments made by the commentator regarding the “big hit” was on point and I want to share. Please view the video below.

Here’s the thing, Don Bebee, the receiver that took the “Big Hit” spent some time laying on the ground, did get back up with assistance and walk off the field. In life and in business, there will be plenty of hits coming our way and we can either lay there and wallow or shake it off, regroup and get up. Yes we may need assistance from time to time and that’s what being in this together is all about!

Now with you making all of those New Year’s Resolutions and getting that attitude ready, do all you can to prepare and execute your life’s work. Keep in mind that in life just like in business or playing football, it’s not a matter of if you will get hit but when you will get hit.

With that being said no matter how hard those hits come, do your best to regroup and get back up, even if you need assistance. This world is pulling for the underdog or the one that needs a helping hand and when you get up after those hits, this can be an inspiration to someone to see that you are still able to get up. Don Beebe, I’ve never met you, but that’s the way to get up and to my boy GJones, great hit man and keep bringing that wood in the field of life also!

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Hello my friends, this post is about finding a Role Model to fuel your Dreams! Yes, this picture is of me in my Dallas Cowboys football suit at the age of 10 getting ready to go play the game that I love!

I was at my Parents house the other day and decided to go through some old photos and came across this picture. Going through many pictures with my dad, it brought back some great memories and laughter to see the people, clothes and hairstyles of back in the day. This one particular picture caught my attention because it made me aware of what I did as a kid and that was dream and dream big!

You know here in Texas, Football is King and there was not a team bigger in those (and current) days than the Dallas Cowboys and not a player in my eyes bigger than my favorite player which was Wide Receiver #88 Drew Pearson. Ok you Steeler fans, I know Pittsburgh won the title a few times during those days and you also had a great wide receiver in #88 Lynn Swann (I liked his game also), however here in Texas, being surrounded by football and all things Cowboys day in and day out, Drew was the man!

Every Sunday afternoons after Church, myself like thousands of other kids all over, would come home and watch the Pros play and dream of catching passes, running and scoring touchdowns just like Drew. After the games, the entire neighborhood crew would go out and play a game of football, imagining and doing some of the things just like the guys we just watched on TV a few hours ago. Everyone knew not to lay claim to be Drew Pearson because I had the football suit, the hairstyle (Large Afro) and running and catching skills to match. I dreamed and worked on my game in those early years that I was often picked to play with the older boys teams many times to run certain plays and catch the ball. What all of us had in common was the idea and dream that one day we may be in a place of doing the same thing that our “heroes” were doing and that was performing on the field in a game we all enjoyed watching and playing; boy, those were the days of good times and no worries!

Fast forward 11 years and my dream did come true to play professionall football with the Atlanta Falcons and Ohio Glory. Fast forward another 21 years and I had the chance to meet Drew Pearson at a charity event and we had a great conversation on having and living out your dreams and being a role model for others. 

Our football days are over however the power of dreaming never stops. In my particular business, there are a few individuals out here that I can dream and visualize working with and speaking on stage with and one day it will happen. It doesn’t matter what field you are working in, have a dream, pick out someone that can inspire you to greater heights, study your craft and execute the plan. Many obstacles can and will come your way however the sky is the limit and you can do anything you put your mind to with the right attitude, faith and a strong work ethic. Get a Role Model, take Action and Make it HAPPEN!!!
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Be Around the Players to Develop your Skills

I remember playing football as a free agent during rookie camp, hustling all over the field trying to do the right thing and make the great play to catch the coaches eye. However at the start of the real training camp when the entire team came together, the veterans and “big name” guys were making the plays seem effortless and just playing at a faster speed. The hustle plays I made a week before seem hard to remember because you could quickly see that these guys were just on another level with their game.

No time for self pity in the NFL or any Professional sport for that matter. You can either buy a ticket and watch from the stands or remember that you are a player too and learn how they are doing it and do it Quickly! It is time to develop your skills!

The same can be said and applied in business. A recent Internet Marketers conference in Las Vegas was eerily similar to the above sporting experience I shared earlier. There were plenty of veterans and big names on stage and in attendance that discussed marketing strategies and ideas, that were just flat out on another level! Please enjoy this brief video recorded with Amy as she share her reasons for being at the event. I applaud her for being in the game at the MLSP Internet Marketers conference to learn, and apply the skills from these veteran and “big name” internet marketers to take her business to a higher level. I look forward to your comments,

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