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David Wood Silent? Impossible Right…

Why has David Wood, the internet blog guru, been silent for the past couple of weeks? Is everything ok?
He must be up to something big because this guy usually have alot to say and he don’t mind getting things off
his chest. He is also the co-founder of Empower Network which is the fastest growing blog and content
platform in the world today. empower network dwcartoon

I received an email last night from him, where he explains his silence and what has happened in his life
the past couple of weeks so please turn off the TV and read this email below and get ready for Chicago!

FROM DAVID WOOD! Co- Founder of Empower Network
“This last 3 weeks has been one of the most
transformational times in my life.

It started in San Francisco.

My brother was getting married.

I rented a Yacht, flew half my family
down, paid for a 5 star hotel, massages,
dinners, and hummer limos for transportation.

I realized then, thinking back…

The next week…

…in Austin Texas:

4,000 people gathered for an Empower
Network event.

We flew our speakers out First Class, paid
for their hotel rooms, and taught them how
to be more powerful communicators.

Something magical happened at that event…

…and after it did, I flew to St Petersburg to
meet with the staff.

And something had changed.

I remember back in the year 2000 – the first
time my life changed in an instant.

I don’t have time to tell the story now, and I
barely share this with anyone.

In one moment – on September 15th, 2000 –
my entire psychology was re-wired in an

I stepped into a new kind of power in my
life, and if I remember – that’s when my
life began to become magical.

I just wasn’t living my purpose yet.

In Austin, Texas, I stood in front of a room
of 4,000 people – and I saw something on
Sunday night that changed my life.


And now, everything is different.

Because I remember why I’m here.

And I know why I’m doing this.

And it is a LOT different than I thought.

In our speakers training, I remember standing
there, walking through an exercise with David

An exercise to find our ‘why’.

Dave Sharpe hit a wall… where his mind went

And then he looked up, and I felt a shift in his
emotion, as he looked me dead in the eye… and
shared the truth.

Sunday night, standing in front of 4,000 people…

…I walked them through that same exercise.

And people started to shout.

I can’t tell you what happened in that room,
except it’s taken me a week to realize…

…everything has changed.

And I’ve been processing it all.

And you need to get to our Chicago event.

And I’m amazed at what the vision is becoming.

Now, we are made new.

There is something around the corner, something
profound. Something that will change your life.

I remember when I was in that room, with David
Sharpe – and I remember filtering through the clutter,
and connecting with why I’m here.

My heart opened up.

The skin on my back tingled.

I took a deep breath, and realized:

My purpose in life is to Empower You.

When I realized that, I remembered that
room – September 15th, 2000.

Maybe, one day I’ll tell you the story.

Now, it’s time for you to walk into the magic
with us.

2013, everything is changing.

You want to be a part of what we’re doing.

I want you to go to the new, revamped Empower
Network site, and watch the new videos that we
just put up.

2013 is the year of the army.

Click here to see it.

And let’s meet together in Chicago in 90 days.

I want you to succeed.

I want you to get it.

4,000 people changed, in one moment, on Sunday.

And you want to be a part of what’s about to happen.

Watch this video now.

Because I love you.

I’ll see you in Chicago.”

-David Wood
“I believe in you powerfully,
and it will change you now.”

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