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Being an Entrepreneur, might as well Enjoy it!

Hello my friend,

As a kid I remember going to Six Flags and wanting to ride the roller coaster. From a distance, it looked fun and exciting however when my Dad picked up the tickets to ride and we moved closer and closer to it, it didn’t look like too much fun; it became ugly and scary to look at. After we sat down and got rolling, I wondered why did I decide to do this and is it possible for me to get off even though I am buckled in the seat and we are climbing to the top. With nowhere to go but to ride this thing out, my attitude change from feeling sick and worried about the descent that was fast approaching, to let’s make the most of this ride and enjoy this big baby because we are committed now and there is no turning back.

Fast forward a few years and I will ask you, do you think those tall Roller Coasters are scary and exhilirating? Whether you answered yes or no, here is one for you, try being an entrepreneur. Try raising money, creating and selling plans to others that may not have a clue of what your vision or dream is. Constantly being turned down by bank after bank, prospect after prospect and somehow you still muster up the courage to keep fighting. However let me ask you this question; how much are you enjoying the entrepreneurial ride right now? Be truthful with yourself and really think about your journey. Here you are following your dream and doing what you like to do on a daily basis, and then the pressure of maybe some of your strategies not working as well as you would like, the isolation from others, you being possibly the only person that believes in your dream and efforts and of course the constant tug of war that is going on within that 6 inches of space on top of your neck and shoulders. This is some of the challenges you as an entrepreneur goes through but guess what, you signed up for this ride so you might as well enjoy it.

As an entrepreneur (Amazon book), you must admit that our challenges don’t just stop at 5:00pm during the weekday or late Friday evening, we as entrepreneurs have to have our hustle hats on 24/7 because ideas and opportunities are ever present. Actually living and being an entrepreneur is one in the same because what you love to do actually is who you are and become in the process. I think about those days of working in Corporate America and how much work I was putting in, time away from family and even though I had some grand ideas for growth with the company,  I always longed for the day of creating and building something for myself. On the flip side of all that pressure and work that you place on yourself and rightfully so,  I want you to just think about how cool it is to be you. Doing the  things you are doing and becoming the person you were meant to be.

Below, I want to shed some light on four simple, “Aha” Perks, that make it worthwhile to be an entrepreneur and to remember why you should enjoy the ride toward your destiny.

1. “Aha”, You don’t have to get in rush hour traffic on your way to work. For me, I just walk into the home office and turn the computer on to get the workday started and when I need to see another warm body I usually have meetings or coaching sessions scheduled for later to avoid the barrage of cars jumping in and out of the fast lane.

2. “Aha”, You wake up when you want to (even though I choose to wake every morning at 4:30am), because you choose to get up at whatever time that is for you. It’s amazing when you wake up early with discipline and a plan for your day because you want to as oppose to waking up and hitting the rush hour traffic because you have to.

3. “Aha”, You can allow for flexibility in your schedule to do things that you normally couldn’t if you was working on that job. However don’t mistake the time flexibility for not having discipline or structure with your business, it’s just the opposite. Most successful entrepreneurs I know, have a system for different phases of their work and lives and has developed a strong discipline to stick with it. that The all nighters, the conference calls, raising finances, If your focus is on your commitment and plans ahead … how cool is it to be you? how amazing is it that you have made it to this point now? Would you say that it’s pretty amazing that you decided to move toward your life’s mission and put forth the effort to live life on your own terms. Just think there are millions of other people that are fighting to be in your shoes, or do what you do however they have not made up their mind to get on with it and just do it.

4. “Aha”, Playing for Big Stakes! You know that in this entrepreneurial game of business (Amazon book), you only eat what you kill until you have developed systems and resources to feed the machine for an extended period of time. No we don’t have vacation time and pay set aside months ahead nor do we have a pension plan in place in case we decide to leave. However, this is why I mentioned “Big Stakes”, because for us to work in our business, we have determined our own worth based on the skills and savvy we have developed, along with the value of our products and services that we offer to the marketplace. We know that opportunites for life changing contracts and deals come and go everyday, whether we take advantage of them or not, so we have to put ourselves in positioned to capitalize on them. This is how we fund our vacation time, our sick leave time and for retirements sake, our pension plan.

This my friend is the “Big Stakes”, of why we have chosen this route in life. And for this I say, to enjoy the ride, it’s worth every hill, slope, curve and straight you find yourself in. The next time you are feeling the pressure of overwhelmness, isolation, or the case of the “not enoughs”; not enough time, not enough money, not enough people to work with… keep this post in mind and remember the why you are doing what you doing and the 4 “Aha” perks in the above paragraphs that comes along with the ride.

Make it HAPPEN!!!

P. Jackson

Are You in Shape to Live Your Dreams?

Here is a Big Question for you;Are you in shape enough to live your dreams?

Are you in shape enough to handle all that your dreams and your purpose have for you to do. If you work a 9 to 5 job, are you in shape enough to maintain an excellent performance on your job  for a good length of time?

empower in shape

For myself, it is exciting to see how the vision of public speaking, online marketing and leadership training are all coming to fruition in a big way. The above question of being in shape enough came to me after a recent speaking engagement where I had been traveling to 3 different states, all in the same week and also pulling a few all-nighters in between travels, developing marketing campaigns.

Like most public speakers, whenever you are speaking to a group, preparation is the key as well as practicing and fine tuning for the stage. You put in a lot of time and hard work and when the moment arise, good speakers usually go all out and give everything they have to their respective audiences.

For me it usually takes an hour or two to calm down and get back to myself but after this particular speaking engagement, I crashed and stayed down for awhile longer than normal. Not just crashing physically, but also in my other phases of being such as; spiritual, emotional, etc… I soon realized that I needed to get in shape!

Toward the end of my travels and workweek, I noticed how easy it was to get a little too relaxed and get away from my “staying in shape” activities that allows me to be able to give my best. These activities include reading and studying my Bible for purpose and direction, listening to webinars and inspirational stories for inspiration and  understanding, physical exercises such as running and lifting weights for stamina and last but certainly not least the mental exercise of reading different books for knowledge and growth.

I realized that no matter where or how many days you are traveling, you really have to devote the time and space for putting in that strong intensity, focus and discipline when it comes to getting and maintaining these areas of being in shape. I have a renewed respect for those Businessmen jetsetting across the globe in meetings after meetings, the Professional athlete performing 2-3 times per week and being away from their families and living out of a suitcase 2-3 times per week.

When the lifestyle you have designed for yourself demands that you give your best on a constant basis and where your efforts are being noticed by the masses, make sure you have the stamina and internal fortitude to keep doing it. It takes alot to give your best, make sure you are in shape enough to give it!

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Make it HAPPEN!!!


P. Jackson
[email protected]
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Still Wanting My Toys is the Key to Happiness!

Hello My Friends, I hope you enjoyed the holidays with family and friends and were grateful of the past year.

Now that you have assessed your last year and put down all of your New Year’s Resolutions, if you have kids or know of someone with kids, I want you to pay close attention to them and the gifts they have received during this holiday season. Have you ever notice how during kids birthday, holidays or whenever toys and presents may be given out, how excited our kids are. They tear through the giftwrap and boxes to get to the prize they want so bad. Even with a house full of other kids, you may notice how they may even grab their toys away from others and not share. Fast forward one month later and what happens; those same toys are stacked up in a corner somewhere no longer the object of our child’s desires. Six months before the holidays every time a commercial with a certain toy come on TV, all you would hear is how bad the kids would want that toy. Try taking a stroll through the malls without stopping at the toy store and see how far that will get you. However for some strange reason, as soon as they receive it and get through the holiday season, it is no longer wanted. Is it merely child’s play or something deeper than that.

We can learn a thing or two from our kids when it comes to our grown up toys and many possessions we have at our disposal. Oddly enough, we as adults display similar behavior in many aspects of our lives when it comes to our Grown-up toys or gifts. Think about you or someone you may know when it comes to relationships, careers, new cars or houses, etc… and ask yourself is it the thrill of the hunt to think about the item over and over until we finally get it? Or do we actually use the item to its full use and get the maximum thrill out of it once we attain it. Some of my friends is always giving me a hard time about having over 200k+ miles on my last 3 cars. What can I say,  I love driving and I want to make sure that I am getting the full use of my vehicle.

A BIG Question to ask yourself is how do you keep the excitement and enthusiasm going after you get what you want?  To keep toys and gifts in perspective, I noticed a quote by Dale Carnegie that reads, “Success is getting what you want but happiness is wanting it after you get it.” This may not be the complete answer to being happy however it is a good statement to recall and a way to at least maintain some sense of valuing the things we want, get and maintain after the “newness” wears off.

Before you go out and get that new shiny toy that you just have to have, remember to keep it in perspective of why you want it. Go ahead and take inventory of all of the toys you have earned, bought or were given to you and see if there is still some happiness left over with it, before you buy the new “toys”. Remember to get the full use of it so that youwill not leave any stacked up in the corner somewhere.

Enjoy your toys,

P. Jackson

Michael V. Roberts – Business Role Model

This post is regarding one of my business role models who is making things happen on all levels. Michael V. Roberts is the Chairman and CEO of The Roberts Companies along with his brother Steven C. Roberts. They also have a strong reach in the entertainment field with the Roberts Broadcasting Company along with Roberts Publishing. With their portfolio of businesses, they have created thousands of jobs and opportunities for others and are continuing to push the envelope for more to come.

As an entrepreneur myself, I like the fact that they are providing solutions to needs out here in the marketplace and also have developed some multiple streams of income and opportunity to capitalize on. Michael was in Dallas a while ago at the open house of one of his company’s Marriot Hotels and I had the chance to shake his hand and bring up his book, “Action Has No Season.” The main theme of the book is “Taking Action” however there are many, many valuable nuggets and wise words for Personal development and Decision making, that every leader should have in their arsenal. You can check it out here by clicking on the bookcover below:

Enjoy, Learn and Grow!

Hello my friends,
Who is this Gary Vaynerchuk (pronounced Vay-ner-chuk) person and why is he getting major media play and what is he doing? I’m glad you asked. For many of my colleagues that are operating businesses online, we all know that this guy is making things happen in a big way! He first captured everyones attention with his unique approach to personal branding and business strategies. He transformed his traditional retail local wine business into an industry leader Wine Library TV (, by leveraging social media tools to promote the company. He is blunt and very dynamic on stage during his speaking engagements and engages his audiences every step of the way. Gary also authored the books “Crush It“, that made it on the NY Times Bestseller last year and now has his latest book “The Thank You Economy“, are out in bookstores everywhere.

I was watching this guy on “The Morning Joe” TV show on CNBC one day, discussing the power of social media and the the leverage it have for businesses and brands that are looking for a better way to do business in the 21st century. There are many different ways of reaching out to your customers via both online and offline methods which are very exciting, efficient and profitable. The traditional advertising and branding methods of writing a big check for Television and/or print media are no longer the only game in town! It was also mentioned that he had over a million followers on twitter, so for whatever reason, I decided to send him a tweet regarding the comments on the show and to my surprise, a couple of hours later he responded. Talking about being responsive to your following, I couldn’t believe this happened and wondered, “Does he respond to the other 999,999 followers like that?

I had the pleasure of meeting Gary at a recent marketing conference (Gary Vee in the Big D) to hear him speak, get my books signed and briefly go over some current business strategies that Iwas using similar to his business. The main takeaway from our discussion was the word Hustle; Keep Hustling! There are times when business may progress slower than you anticipate or you feel overwhelmed with projects or people’s demands in front of you. No worries, take a break, regroup and get back to Hustling.

 The reason the term “Hustling” is so important is because in business, companies are growing day by day with more creative minds sitting in the lab coming up with the next product to take the masses by storm. There is no time to sit back and get comfortable because someone else is out there grinding and making things happen. Are you Hustling? If so, go ahead and start Crushing It with your next product or service offering. 

 You can review or pick the books up here below.

Click Bookcover!

Click Bookcover!

I love to read your comments or connect with me and let’s make it happen!

Working From Home is a Joke!

Has working from home became a joke to you?  Right before bedtime, you start planning and visualizing what your day will look like for the next day and when the morning comes what happens? You are all over the house, cooking breakfast, washing clothes, watching TV, cleaning up the bedroom, etc…

By noon, you get a call from a friend or family member asking you to come out to the newest lunch spot to grab a bite to eat and catch up on the latest news, then off to the cleaners to pick up your clothes, stop by your P.O. Box to grab the latest junk mail and credit card offers for your business and then by the time you get through traffic, you have very little time to pick up the kids from school and get them home and settled. You look up and the evening has come and very little work has been done, much less trying to spend quality time with the family. Then right before bedtime you are doing it again visualizing the new day ahead. I hope I didn’t step on many ties however for many in the home based business arena, this above schedule doesn’t sound too far fetched. This has also caused many to have a bad taste in their mouth of running an operation from home and return back to Corporate America.

Having a home based business can be all that you ever dreamed it would be. You can be successful, feel liberated, and enjoy a stress-free commute simply by walking from the kitchen to your office with your cup of coffee in hand and still wearing your pajamas. On the other hand, it can be very stressful if you’re having a difficult time managing your business from home. Here are few tips to assist you with being successful working at your home based business.

1.You must be discipline and set a work schedule for yourself. This will help you keep from overworking yourself and also allow for you to spend time with family and friends, too. You can also provide your schedule to family and friends to help them avoid distracting you while you’re working.

2. You must be firm with friends and family about your business. You need to make them understand that even though your business is at home, you’re still working. Explain to them that your business is no different than any brick-and-mortar business with the exception of the fact that it’s at your home should get the point across. However, if you have young children this may be a bit more difficult for them to understand.

3. Have guidelines in place for customers and business associates for business hours and your availability. On your voicemail and website you can clearly post methods of contact. If need be, get a second phone line and have the calls forwarded to your voice mail after your regular working hours. This will prevent you from having to listen to the phone ring all evening long and help you avoid the temptation of taking that extra call that will cut into your personal time.

These are just a very short tip list for working at home and being successful at it. You have to have balance and make sure to maximize the time allowed for getting results. A business from your home starts and end with you setting things up for success and when the money comes in and your time is well invested in living life on your terms, you will need an assistant to assist you will the many calls from family and friends wanting to do what you do. Until then, let’s go to Work… at Home!

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