This post will keep it simple and concise for you to
get started with your online marketing business.
We are currently witnessing a once in a generation shift,
which is moving consumer consumption of media, goods and
services online. This shift has created an unprecedented
opportunity for sellers and entrepreneurs to make money
online and sell their products and services to any corner
of the globe.

But the question is, how does one build up a customer or prospect list.
empower network blog
Step one is start a blog and start blogging about your passion.
This will allow you to connect with others who share your
passion for your products. Take pictures and talk about
innovations, and most importantly feature products from others
in your niche. This will increase the search engine optimization
and consequently the traffic and interest in your blog.

Second you need to have a way for these prospects to join or
opt-in with their name or email information. This will allow
you to send them weekly or monthly newsletters or product updates,
which is key because this is what is going to allow you to
successfully market your new products far and wide. So an opt-in
box to allow people to sign up is a must, however this on its
own is not enough.

You have to build a socially interactive website which allows
people to discuss their passion. So your website and blog should
allow comments, and have a forum. This will also have the effect
of making your traffic self-perpetuating, and the sales more continuous.

Then you are ready to start raking in the money. This is because
you will have a captive audience who is interested and a way to
market to them. Which means your conversion rate will be much
higher than if you had simply bought Google or Facebook advertising.

You will need to be consistent with your messages and provide
valuable content and products that will benefit your target market.
Building a list and profiting from it will take time and this is
the reason you have to be be consistent.

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