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  • Are You Walking Toward Your Destiny?

    Are You Walking Toward Your Destiny? Life is too short for excuses, too short to play the blame game and too short to sit down on what you were designed to do. So get up and walk confidently and purposefully in the direction of your Purpose and Destiny! Why? Because your Destiny awaits you! Live […]

  • Take Massive Action!

    Take Massive Action Did you get a chance to read my last post titled, “Asking the Right Question“? If so, you now understand that your answer, the right answer, would be a Big factor into leading you to your destiny. The other part of this equation is the content you see in the photo below. That’s […]

  • Asking the Right Question

    This content in the photo below really says it all when it comes to new opportunities and challenges. If you are in the middle of a challenge and pressed to make a decision, asking the right question and coming up with the answer will do either 2 things. When you ask yourself “How Can I”, […]

  • Make it HAPPEN!

    Make it HAPPEN!!! In Business, sometimes you have to Grit Your Teeth, get ready for the Fight and Make it HAPPEN!!! Are you ready for the fight? Do you hear the bell? DING DING… Make it HAPPEN!!! Patrick Jackson “The Action Online” [email protected] p.s. Get fight mode ready, Watch this video and let’s make this Money Online […]

  • Online Marketing is Big Business!

    Online Marketing is Big Business! Merging Business with Technology has evolved into being a daily routine for nearly every one of us and it’s no surprise that the online marketing space is growing as big and fast as it is. We shop online, we search online and even play games and check out social media […]

  • For 99 Cents Could this be the Best Internet Marketing Book

    For 99 Cents Could this be the Best Internet Marketing Book I came across a great deal today for entrepreneurs like yourself and you may want to check it out. Do you want one of the greatest Internet marketing books ever written? E. Brian Rose is the co-founder of JVZoo and his book Millionaire Within: […]

  • What is Wrong with Amazon this Month?

    What is Wrong with Amazon this Month? C’mon Amazon, it’s the start of a new month and this is how you show up? What I’m noticing is that you are working a little in the morning and a little in the evening but we need you grinding every hour. I demoted eBay a few months ago however if you keep […]