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  • Planting Seeds Along the Way

    After a long day of work this picture came to mind and made me think of how my day went. Did I take all I could get for me or was I effective in planting seeds and helping others along the way? To take it a step further, I recently heard a very profound statement […]

  • My Girls Took Me to a Higher Level

    My Girls Took Me to a Higher Level What do my girls have to do with a higher level? I just got in from a 4 day mastermind get together with an organization that I hold dear. We all had a great time and the group also allowed me to be the keynote speaker and […]

  • Start Feeding Your Brain Daily for Best Results

    Start Feeding Your Brain Daily for Best Results Are You Feeding Your Brain the Right Kind of Food? When we open our eyes to start a new day, there are all sorts of things in front of us begging for our attention. You have the TV, the News, Politics, Reality TV, etc… and if we […]

  • This Boss Will Not Let Me Work!

    This Boss Will Not Let Me Work! That’s us hanging in my home office with me trying to get some work done and Morgan, our 5 month old daughter, trying to get some play time in. Well, you see who’s on the winning side of this battle, none other than Miss Morgan. This is one […]

  • Put Your Feet in Action!

    When I see this picture and read this quote about “Action”, all it does is get my blood flowing a little faster to get things done. Pick up your feet and let’s get moving on creating that incredible lifestyle and that unbelievable legacy that you will leave for others to follow or emulate. Either take […]

  • Selling or Marketing – Which One Should You Be Doing?

    Selling or Marketing – Which One Should You Be Doing? Will Your Business Benefit from Selling or Marketing? Tired of chasing those business prospects that seem to have the same excuse for no-showing you on the appointment? What about making over 200 phone calls until your fingers turn red, only to have talked with 10 […]

  • Are You Strong Enough to Make a Decision?

    There are a lot of different things we could focus on as you read this post from Aki relaying one of his brother’s David’s stories and a few powerful concepts, like the ability that you possess for instant change, and the power of acting quickly when you make a decision. Today, lets talk about the […]

  • Your Mastermind Team is at the Next Event

    Mastermind teams are incredibly powerful, and when you leverage them, your business will change. What is the best place to form these masterminds? Get to the next live event! Every great mastermind team that I know of began after two or more people met in person. I’m sure there is some cosmic exception to that, but […]

  • Attn: Entrepreneurs – What Do You Really Do?

    Have this question came up in your space lately? What do you really do? We entrepreneurs wear many hats when it comes to our work/life balance I believe the picture below sums it up best when it comes to the perception of what our business and life looks like to others as well as ourselves. As […]

  • I Can Relate to Kevin Ware’s Leg injury

    This is a personal post that I thought I’d share to help someone going through injury or a major physical setback on what they love and enjoy doing. Like so many others over the weekend, I took some time to watch the NCAA Men Basketball tournament and had a chance to see the Louisville vs […]

  • The Recipes for Success from a Master Marketer

    This post will help someone as soon as you finish reading it. I just got off a call listening to a guy that made over $700k in 60 days and he laid out what I termed the “Recipes for Success” in practical terms. This guy, Vick, is a master internet marketer and “King of Online […]

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