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From Tragedy to Triumph for 2 Brothers

When the Krysa Bros shared their shocking heart
felt story with everyone…
There were some tears shed all around.

Nothing is more rewarding, satisfying, & fulfilling
to see than when someone looks another person
square in the eyes & says…

“that someone… you saved their life”
The Krysa Bros started working with Justin about 8
months ago.

I’m sure Justin is a proud mentor and excited to witness
their growth & see all their accomplishments.

Since 8 months ago, these brothers have went through a
total transformation from tragedy to triumph.

Their life changing true story you see here goes to
show you…

David can conquer Goliath…
In fact David DOES slay Goliath.
I truly believe you can do anything you set your mind

Your life can transform in an instant…
All you need to do… is allow it to.

Now that you know what’s possible…
Make a decision to lock arms and run with me here for only $25,
for a limited time only.

I will always believe in you…
And together we could move mountains

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Fight Like Rocky Balboa to Get What You Want

 rocky balboa

The Rocky Balboa movie series is one of my favorite’s of all time; especially Rocky III. This video post is about the power of Knowing exactly what you want. Watch the video below as motivational guru, Tony Robbins, tells the Rocky Story.

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empower network coach

I was in a meeting the other day and the topic of conversation
centered around the word “Coaches” and do people really need to
have a coach for their business, even for their life. You know
how it is today, with all of this easy access to information
right here on our fingertips, whatever question or issue we may
come across, the solution can easily be found on the internet;
Think Ask Jeeves!

Well the answer to the question, do we really need to have a coach,
is quite simple and that would be a resounding Yes, we need Coaches!
You can never underestimate the value of what a coach can bring
to the table. When I hear the word coach, be it at the business
table or on the playing field, my two high school coaches come
to mind because they were both 2 strong men in their own way and
for the time period that they were coaching at our school, they
influenced thousands of both men and women in a positive manner.

(That’s a picture of me and my H.S. Coaches Coach Franklin and Coach Smith)

I could go on and on about their words of wisdom, their toughness,
their training regimes, etc… but the one lesson that I will use
for this post and how a coach can help us in business, is with
“Mental Toughness”.

Those 2 coaches were big and mean from a physical standpoint and
they made sure to throw everything but the kitchen sink at us to
make us ready for any undertaking. Keep in mind that this was
during a time when discipline was in full effect with the paddle
and other disciplinarian methods were used; before all of these,
in my humble opinion, “wussy” laws and protective measures were
adopted to protect from harsh and extreme methods of getting a
player in line.

Everyday was different with these two coaches because they would
constantly test us and come up with things to either break us
down or make us tougher. Some days they would have us running wind
sprints and would turn their backs away from us, continue blowing
the whistle for us to keep running and totally ignore our heavy
breathing and growling. Other days they would have us practice
certain plays over and over until we could run it in our sleep.
Have us run and get almost to the finish line and stop us and
tell us to do it over.

Now you see, this was mental abuse at it’s finest! Yes these two
men were my favorite coaches but I can tell you from the heart
that during some of those days, I was angry and wanted to give them
a piece of my mind. I said that I was angry, not CRAZY!! There were
times that my teammates and I disliked these guys from the core
during some of these days however we didn’t quit!

No matter how tough those days were, no matter how hot, dry and
dusty those field conditions were, we knew that these two coaches
were winners and we wanted to be a part of that winning culture no
matter what it took.

It doesn’t matter if our business is online or offline, we as
entrepreneurs know that each and everyday, we will get the kitchen
sink and everything else thrown at us to try and distract us from
our goals. Create some ads for Craigslist, then your ad gets ghosted.
Record and publish some videos and Youtube shuts down your channel.
Get a couple of sales in the morning and then a few chargebacks in
the evening. On and on and if you are weak and not mentally
tough enough to deal with it, then you get mad, quit and
then comment how the internet business model doesn’t work.

A good coach can see our blind-spots and be objective
about our strengths and weaknesses. They can come in and help you get past yourself and these
distractions and get you back on your journey. Many times we are in the
trenches and too close to our situation to see the big picture. A good
coach will be upfront and tell you that things will not be easy, they will
let you know that you will have to push yourself harder than you ever been
pushed before. A good coach will make you mad, may even call you out and
do all they can to get you to perform at your best.

There are times when a good coach will give you words of comfort,
words of motivation to uplift and encourage you. So, evaluate your
business and where you are and areas where you are trying to grow to
and find a coach or a mastermind group that you can align with to take
your business to the next level.

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Start a Blog to Sell Online

This post will keep it simple and concise for you to
get started with your online marketing business.
We are currently witnessing a once in a generation shift,
which is moving consumer consumption of media, goods and
services online. This shift has created an unprecedented
opportunity for sellers and entrepreneurs to make money
online and sell their products and services to any corner
of the globe.

But the question is, how does one build up a customer or prospect list.
empower network blog
Step one is start a blog and start blogging about your passion.
This will allow you to connect with others who share your
passion for your products. Take pictures and talk about
innovations, and most importantly feature products from others
in your niche. This will increase the search engine optimization
and consequently the traffic and interest in your blog.

Second you need to have a way for these prospects to join or
opt-in with their name or email information. This will allow
you to send them weekly or monthly newsletters or product updates,
which is key because this is what is going to allow you to
successfully market your new products far and wide. So an opt-in
box to allow people to sign up is a must, however this on its
own is not enough.

You have to build a socially interactive website which allows
people to discuss their passion. So your website and blog should
allow comments, and have a forum. This will also have the effect
of making your traffic self-perpetuating, and the sales more continuous.

Then you are ready to start raking in the money. This is because
you will have a captive audience who is interested and a way to
market to them. Which means your conversion rate will be much
higher than if you had simply bought Google or Facebook advertising.

You will need to be consistent with your messages and provide
valuable content and products that will benefit your target market.
Building a list and profiting from it will take time and this is
the reason you have to be be consistent.

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I am sitting here reflecting on the joy’s I had on
yesterday at my 7 year old daughter’s poetry reading
at her school. She was super excited to see her
(3 months old) sister and I come in and give her the
support that she wants and deserves.

We anxiously waited for her turn to give her speech and
when she did, we, along with everyone else laughed and
showered her with appreciation; Great Job Lauryn!!
All of the other kids did well also. I remember having
this kind of quirky smile on my face for the duration
of the recital.

My wife and I are always happy to see her performing
whether it’s in her school plays, Church praise dancing
or on the soccer field, however there was something
different about this performance that stood out for me
than any other performances leading up to yesterday.

After the presentations, I hung around for awhile so that
a few of the teachers and other parents could come over
to see and play with our baby (3 month old). I went over
to talk with Lauryn and gave her a “high five” and told
her that we were very proud of her for doing a wonderful
job and giving it her best effort. Then Lauryn said
something to me that stayed in my mind for the rest of
the day. She said, “Daddy, I am glad we
practiced the routine over and over last night.”

empower network practice

Now keep in mind that we normally practice whatever
activity she is doing over and over before any performance
however this was different in a big way. Instead of me
going over a few points in her performance and also
stating the importance of practice and preparation, this
time she beat me to the punch. What stood out for me was
seeing the satisfaction on her face for having nailed the
performance but also her being mindful of the fact that her
practicing it over and over was the key.

You remember several years ago, there was this very talented
basketball star that made an infamous statement about “Practice”.
This basketball star took a lot of heat about making that
statement and for good reason too, because in everything
that we do, practice and preparation is needed to be able to
nail those performances.

So I share this lesson with you today, to review your business
and performances on your calendar and start practicing and
preparing the material over and over before you perform them.
If it writing a blog, recording a video, teaching a training
session, whatever it is practice and prepare like it’s no
tomorrow. Then do it, perform it,
create and develop it!

Because after the performance, after you implement the strategies,
there’s no greater feeling than the feeling you get deep down
inside of you, you know that you put in the practice, the
preparation to reap all of the awards, the money, the ovations
from those in attendance and it feels great!

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Your Story May Help Someone!

I really enjoy reading autobiographies and watching
TV stories of great people that went  through a great
deal of suffering, challenges and setbacks before they
became a success.

When talking with others about someone, many times we
can go over every detail about what happened and the
outcome of their lives and get a big kick out of
knowing this information.

empower network story

Now, let’s focus on You for a minute; Do you know
Your Story? I’m sure you know it but let’s dig a little

Can you tell YOUR story?

You read books, listen to audios, attend events, get
on webinars and grind and push through life everyday and
know all about how to do it but at the end of the day,
can you tell your story?

In the public speaking arena, I heard prolific
speaking gurus mention, that you can command a king’s
ransom, when you are really good at telling your story.
You have a lifetime of experiences that you can pull
from to share and help so many in this world and we
are waiting for you to step up.

Believe it or not, you have been good at telling
your story however it’s the wrong story! Somewhere
deep down you have convinced yourself that no one
cares, no one is interested in hearing stuff about
you. In my opinion, you are wrong, dead wrong because
your story may be just what someone need to hear to
encourage them to keep going or do
more with their lives.

Sharing your story is not only good for others,
it’s also good for you! When you recall those
experiences coupled with the knowledge and wisdom of
what you learned through the process, you are
validating a process called growth. Your experiences
of pain and loss and how you overcame those obstacles
will show others how to keep pushing and never give
up. When your story is full of people assisting you
at every turn and how you never forget where you
came from, you will show others what it means to
be grateful.

Think back on a particular situation or experience
you had or may even be going through and how it can
help someone else.There are many, many more examples
of how sharing your life’s experiences can shine a
light for someone in a dark place to see a ray of
hope to keep moving forward. This is why your story
is really so much bigger than you. A test in life
is just the first part of that word “testimony.”

So starting today, I challenge each and everyone one
of you to start sharing your story to others.
No matter how much knowledge you acquire or how great
that motivational quote may sound, it plays an even
better tune when applied with your story!

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